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I am here today to tell you about our horrible experience with a so called bitcoin merchant. For starters they have horrible customer service both for customers and there own very merchants. Just to get help with a problems takes days even weeks because they have no clue what each other are doing you get passed around there service center like a good bag on nutz.I have opened and managed many successful businesses and have dealt with many other business and by far this is one of the worse I've seen. Secondly if your developing a website based on coinbase or there API i would stop right now and look into other options don't make the same mistake i made because this will cost you a lot of time and money when you finally complete your project and coin base works one day and fails you the next. They don't have sandbox accounts and they don't let you register multiple accounts to validate and verify your store.They force you to mix your personal account with your business which can be very confusing as well. They have a very poor verification process that literally picks up anything and when i say anything i mean anything. Log into your account from a different IP. Try to buy to little amount of bitcoin or to much even.There entire algorithm sucks and honestly does not work at all its filters everything out but the fraud because if it was honestly working you would not see all the complaints on this company and they would not experience all the fraud. Also a word of advice has a Major security flaw that i informed them of and they took no note on the matter and froze my account again for bringing this to there attention. There bank verification is stone age and ###ed. Lets pretend here something no way am i endorsing my self or anyone to do this but upon using my own very account i stumbled across this matter by mistake because people that deal with cyber security as my self have a very good eye on picking out weaknesses. There system allows a person to use any bank account login credentials and as long as you have a login name for lets say bank of America you can use that login to add or link any bank account you want from that same bank so if i have an account number from lets say subject A to bank of America and i have a bank of America account or happen to know someone's login i can use subject A's routing and account number and verify it with Subject B's login credentials. This is serious because it allows not only coinbase to experience major fraud but it also allows consumers and the American people to be victimized through coinbases system. We at Virtual CoinBox have become a victim of coinbases bias and prejudice system and techniques they use and there mistreatment because of them we are forced to redesign our entire API integration and our merchant to make virtual coinbox a successful bitcoin community which has been delayed in its launch date again now because of lack of professional conduct to provide services to business to my self professionally. We are currently looking for a relationship with and we hope to have a successful and long relationship with them. And as for coinbase they can go to hell and there EGO will be the very thing to bring that company to its knees.

Jul 04, 2014
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      Aug 17, 2019

    Coinbase stole my BTC. As a verified member on Coinbase, I bought 2 BTC's. I decided to give my son 1 BTC and I was going to transfer the other BTC over to another established Coinbase account for myself. After the lengthly check and re-check of all information, the transfer button was clicked. As soon as the button was clicked, the receiving address changed. My investment was gone! Coinbase told me to look at Blockchain for the transfer information. Strange thing happened there as well. As I was looking at the information on Blockchain, I noticed the information had nothing to do with my Coinbase addresses, and as I was reading Blockchain, all of the information just disappeared. After several pleas for help, Coinbase blocked me from my account and from communicating with them. I lost all my money on this investment and Conbase turned into this horrible entity that just clicked their button to shut me out with no compassion for what I had just lost. If ANYONE knows what I can do to fight them, PLEASE let me know.

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