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We are a sharing this information as we are group of cognizant past and new consultants and have been working on various projects at client sites in Toronto and are company well-wishers. We do not wish to be named at this time and hence would not reveal the identity at this stage.

This is regarding Manager from the Canada recruitment team - Noel Correia. He has be reaching out to majority of the existing & prospective hire consultants via phone calls, in person meetings at client locations etc. and proposing us to contract with a company called Arisoft - or InfoMaximum -

He also has another accomplice in this racket called Satya Kumar Babu. Satya initiates the initial discussions with all the new and prospective new joinee consultants and get a slot for Noel to meet with us. Noel Correia further comes and meets us with the solicitation to Join Arisoft or Infomaximum.

Whether we are Citizens, PR holders or Visa holders it is our choice which pays rolling or staffing company we use for our contracts with cognizant. We cannot be getting pressurizing follow-ups via phone calls, meetings at clients sites during the work week on these topics. When we deny the offer he further asks us for a slot to meet after work and is ready to drop us to any part of the city for this in person discussion. Some of us who denied the meetings were threatened that if you do not comply on contracting through above choices our Job offer may be pulled back and we may get lower dollar rate with other vendors.

When these type of solicitations started happening regularly with many of the consultants and when these discussions came forward commonly among the group. We all decided to find the reasons behind these incidences. Some of us asked both Noel and Satya to send us an email regarding this topic and there was not official communication extended by either of them and they only keep these discussions verbal which makes the situation even more suspicious.

Few of us had some contacts locally working at Arisoft and who have used Arisoft for contracts with various consulting companies / end clients in the past. We were shocked to find out that the company owner named Imtiaz Lodhi has been doing this type of underhand dealings with Noel Corriea for last several years. Noel & Imtiaz have even created another company called Info maximum to transact on these type of shady deals. Imtiaz Lodhi has managed to place consultants in various organizations though this route where Noel Corriea has worked in the past. Noel & Satya in return get a kick back margin of few dollars for every hour rate paid to the consultants for every candidate that joins through Arisoft or Infomaximum as additional income for the whole year or via family vacation packages paid to the travel agency directly by Arisoft.

Infomaximum does not even have a company address and proper whereabouts listed, how can we all give them our payrolling responsibility on which our families depend for survival in Canada. We cannot lose our hard earned money to some illegitimate middlemen and be pressurized on joining a specific company for a benefit of few people. These are highly unethical activities that are taking place on the company premises without anyone talking any action against these corporate thieves.

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Oct 26, 2018
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      Sep 18, 2019

    This is addressed to who so ever it may concern. My name is Noel Correia and I work at Cognizant where I am the Talent Acquisition Leader. Based on the above allegation made Cognizant's legal and compliance teams have investigated this allegation and has also reached out to the individual or individuals that have made this allegation against me. These individuals have not come forward and refuse to identify themselves. In addition a thorough investigation has been concluded by the Legal and Compliance team at Cognizant where I still continue to be employed.
    They have determined that this is a defamation of my character and have concluded that I am a victim of character assassination. None of the above has been proven as true.
    I have initiated legal proceedings to have this expunged from the internet but this does take time and in the interim I continue to be a victim of this pishing posting.
    Anyone who needs clarification can reach Cognizant's Legal and Compliance team.

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