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The new caps on the 20oz Diet Coke bottles are horrendous to open. I drink several a day from our vending machine.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Troy, OH Every time I go to open one, it takes me forever to open it and if I can't I have to find someone who can and they are getting few and far between. Everyone here is complaining about the new cap. I am an avid Diet Coke person and will not give it up but I am very frustrated with this new cap. PLEASE - PLEASE go back to the original cap. Bonnie

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  • Mr
      Sep 14, 2008

    Are your teeth rotten yet?

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  • D
      Oct 16, 2008

    The caps suck! I very rarely drink sodas but when I do I would like to be able to open it without incident or assistance. Today I actually sliced my hand open trying to torque this damn new cap off. From now on, when I need caffeine, I'm going for a Pepsi product. I don't need stitches as a result of soda refreshment.

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  • Sa
      Oct 20, 2009

    I totally agree with the new cap complaints. My husband and I are both avid Coke comsumers but these caps are rediculous. Please change them to the long cap again. They were so much easier to open and with the beginning of arthiritis in my hands...just too much hastle.

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