Coca Colacoca-cola

Can of coke leaked all over the inside of my cupboard. No signs of any openings or damage to can ! It was a mess! I called the phone number on the can expecting at least an apology but the women was rude and combatant! She said I should have read the expiration date on the box of coke before I bought it and I should have read the numbers on the bottom of the can because my defective can was out-of-date. I explained that it was purchased from either winn-dixie, destin or public, destin or sam's club, fort walton beach—all reputable major stores. I explained I had no idea that there was even expiration dates on soda and that I did not know that we consumers are required to investigate those dates before purchasing or else coca-cola is not responsible. She even said that their can manufacturer only warranties cans for 1 year. How in heavens name was I suppose to know all this??? It's a can of soda, not a new car—how much of a detective are we suppose to be before we grab a can of coke??? I explained that I could not see any damages or holes but that the botton of the can rim is dark and spotted. The numbers on the can are very hard to read sep1216mbo 31118wv1. When I called I was disconnected as I asked to speak with a supervisor. I want my money back and apology for the mess they made to my cupboard.
I am a grandmother who has bought coke for my whole life—this is bad customers service!! This is the 2nd time I have had problem with coke—maybe they should check out their distributors in this area, are they selling bad stock?? Please send my refund to 5 calhoun ave. #704, destin, fda. 32541 - - if you want the can please rush me packaging, I will only keep it for another 10 days as it is sticky. The can is now empty but still never opened!! (How can the can be old? It says trademark 2016!)

Jan 26, 2017

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