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The past week i have had the worst experience i could ever have. It has been a dreambof mine and my partner to own an mg for as long as i can remember so we decided to have a look around and found the perfect mg6 for us right in our price range. below is my first email to them.

I am not happy at all as to what has transpired during my purchase of an mg6 from cmh eastrand

On saturday the 30th i had made an enquire on about an enquire about a 2013 mg6 silver. I was then contacted by Sifiso Keshwa about the vechile and all was then disscussed in email there after. I was informed the vechile was a fastback in silver with 60000km on the clock it has leather seats, a sunroof, fully functional steering wheel and cruise control and that this vechile is the garage demo in perfect condition. So on thursday all the paperwork for finance was sent through and i was informed that we have been approved. On friday morning Sifiso contacted me to inform that all is in order and the vechile will be delivered on saturday at about lunchtime to me i must just get my insurance company to contact them so they can get the vechile insured, which they did within in 15min by 16:30 my insurance broker contacted me to inform me that the paperwork requested from the garage has still not been recieved. I then contacted Sifiso to find out what is going on to then be told that the final paperwork has not been recieved from finance department and that they are off on saturday so the delivery will have to be postponed untill monday. Which was a bit of a dissapointment but i accepted it as such. Then this morning at 8h00 i cintacted Sifiso who promised all is in order and that he will phone me back in five minutes so we can arrange delivery. At 8:30 i still did not hear a eord so i contacted him again, he then told me he is waiting for finance department again. I then decide to contact the dealer principal and was informed he is off and a gentleman by the name of conrad will help me. I spoke to conrad and he said he will investigate and get back to me asap. Another gentleman then phoned whose name slips me now as i am so upset. To inform that the vechile is not available as it has been given out as loan car on friday and is now in the cape. But he can give me a silver sedan with 60000km on it, but a comfort with none of the above mentioned specs at a higher price. To which i said i am not happy. I was then promised he will find me a vechile and get back to me within the hour. It is now 2hours later and no one has gotten back to me. Tomorrow is a holiday so i suppose nothing going to happen either and then by wednesday they would have forgotten about me and would have to nag them for an answer again. Was so looking forward to getting my mg as it has been a dream for a very long time and now it does not seem like it is not going to happen. I am very dissapointed with the service recieved and we have already gone through cost to get a vechile that was sold to us which is now not available.

I will forward the message with my request of the vechile i enquired about and purchased which is now not available and ia now sitting in the cape with even higher mileage on it.

The vechile has been purchased in my dads name HE Wallace

Kind regards
Neill Wallace

Her is the respone i got
From: Sharon Paul [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: 08 August 2016 11:07 AM
To: [protected]
Cc: 'Sean Singleton' ; [protected]; [protected]
Subject: FW: CMH MG Eastrand

Hi Steven,

The below has reference:

The customer is absolutely upset and wishes to take this matter up further. Please help to resolve urgently.



This was followed by phone calls and then here is the next mail
From: neill hulley [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: 08 August 2016 19:33
To: Sharon Paul
Cc: [protected]
Subject: Re: CMH MG Eastrand

Good day

just to inform you as to what has transpired today on the complaint which i am still not happy about

I was contacted by steven after i had spoken to you and told a 3rd story as to why the vechilce could not be supplied to me

1st story - Sifiso told me that the finance side has not sent him all the paperwork and that is why i cant get the vechilce
2nd story - Theo contacted me to inform me that the vechilce was given out as a loan car to a customer and the vechile is now in the cape
3rd story - Steven informed me that the park assist and the passanger windows is not working and they are waiting for parts.

Steven did contact me and i have supplied him the whole story, he told me that he will do his best to find me a vechile by wednesday, what scares me about the whole situation as well is the fact if this is the kind of service recieved before purchase what would the after sales service be?

also we have supplied all our details and was contacted by the finanace department that the purchase has gone through, what is going to happen now? i am going to be paying for vechile i dont have.

also when steven was informed of my trade in that was discussed with sifiso he was shocked to hear about it i need to now know where they just going to take my current car and just add the vechile outstanding amount to the new finance deal, I am very worried as i requested figures multiple times as to what they can offer me for the trade in and what amounts and to date that has not been recieved, i have requested the finanace details to see the amount they put through to be finanaced as well as the payment and over how many months they have put it as i requested it over 72monhs, we were contacted earlier and by the finanace department and the figure she gave as the monthly installment does not sound correct at all if you look at the purchase price of R115900.00 and to still deduct the trade in from that how can it R2850.00 per month. i am very worried about this as none of this information was supplied to me as requested multiple times all i got each time was it is coming that is the only answer i recieved. I am in two minds about taking this matter up. I am in my
Full rights under the cpa act to request any details. Another worry for me is the insurance side of it all. I dont know what i am going to do about this situation. I would like to have this sorted asap.

I know this is a bit presumpitious but a really good deal will have to be put on the table for me to even consider going into a deal with such an unreliable dealership and group.

Please assist with this matter as you have been the only person that actually tried to assist me through thos whole thing.

I am just scared how i can form a trusting relationship with a dealer with what i have had to make through now as well.

Kind regards
Neill Wallace

And after a few conversations here is is how it stands at the moment.

Good day

Steven has been really trying to help me but is just yet the end of another day and we are no further than what we started. I am really dissapointed with this as tomorrow is a week already from when all this started and i should have had a new vehicle by now. There is no vehicle to be found as the one that i had requested and then to make it worse at the price. I will have to probably settle for a comfort with no extras at a higher price. It has been a very stressfull and dissapointing experience. That whole feeling of getting a new vehicle that you worked really hard for to achieve has been lost and i have reached the point now of what has to happen has to happen now. It is just really dissapointing.

The reason i also showed interest in the vehicle was that it was from a big group like cmh and thought it is going to be smooth process but it has been anything but.

Kind regards
Neill wallace

No further assistance has been recieved from higher up and i simply dont know what to do now

Aug 10, 2016

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