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I had placed an order from on the 8th of January. It was a special but 2 get one free ink that indicated that the items are in stock.

When my recipe arrived to my email it said some of the items are on back order and asked if i would like to ship them separate, i accidentally hit yes. So I immediately used the online chat to contact them and informed the lady (Monica) that i do not want partial shipment of the order until all the cartridges will be in stock. That was disregarded and partial order was shipped anyways. I had also asked the lady of the back order ship date she said she does not have a date and I should come back later on.

Jan 14th

I am back on chat with Monica, who said she never heard me saying I wanted to keep the order together. Asking when the back order will be in she replied “Monica: I do apologize, it's showing the backordered item is still currently out of stock. The inventory date has been pushed back until 1/19 which would be on Tuesday.” And assured me that “Monica: Correct and it would ship immediately.”

I had asked her to put a date on it “Monica: Depending on what time it gets here, it would ship either on 1/19 or on 1/20 and it would be around 3-5 business days. Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to give a specific date as it's with the post office, but the usual time is 3-5 busines days.”


This time I am talking to Sheri through chat. I asked her to see if the order has been shipped out

“Sheri: I show that the order was partially shipped and the backorder item will be in on 1/20/10 and then we will ship it out to you.”


Monica: We do apologize for the delay and the inconvenience. We were temporarily out of stock for some of the items listed in your order, however, we did receive inventory. Your order will be shipped within 24 hours and you would then receive an email confirmation with a tracking number. Thank you for your patience and business.

At this point I have read enough of the reviews about their ink cartridges not working, bad customer service and non refund.

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      3rd of Feb, 2010

    Uh oh! I sure wish I had seen these reviews before I ordered from clickinks! I ordered 1 color and 1 black ink cartridge for my printer from I immediately got a confirmation email from them outlining my order. Then very shortly after that, within a few minutes, I noticed that I had received another email from them. This time it informed me that they were out of stock on the black ink that i had just ordered and that I would be notified when they got a shipment and it would then be sent immediately. I couldn't believe it because I had just seen the black ink advertised as "in stock" only minutes ago. After about a week I had heard nothing so I went ahead and called them. I waited for 10 minutes before someone answered. A man told me he was very sorry for the inconvenience but explained that they were waiting on a shipment of the black ink and that my order would be shipped just as soon as it got in. He told me they would be getting it on the 29th of January. He offered to send me the colored ink which they had ready for me and I declined, saying that I would just wait for both to be shipped together. Then I asked if they could possibly expedite the shipping at no cost after the 29th since my order was already so late, and he said they would. At one point he apologized and told me that they make every effort to ensure that no products are advertised as available when they are not so, I mentioned to him that he needed to take a look at the website because at the time, the ink they were still waiting on was actually still showing as available on their site. He thanked me for pointing that out to him. Well, the 29th came and went, and once again, I heard nothing. So I called them again. This time I waited for 15 minutes before another man answered. I explained my situation to him and he told me that they were expecting a shipment of the ink i ordered later that same day and that they would be sending it the day after. I told him I had spoken to another representative who told me the ink was supposed to have been there on the 29th of january and he immediately told me that they had had a problem with that shipment. I thanked him for the information and reminded him that they were supposed to expedite my order at no extra cost and he acted surprised and said, who told you that? I couldnt recall the name of the agent who said it, so this new agent just said ok ill talk to the other agents and if indeed someone told you that then we will of course honor that. Well, do I need to really tell any of you whether or not I have received my order? Probably not but for good measure, no, I'm still waiting and now that I've read all ive seen here tonight, i know why! Also, the ink that they were supposedly waiting on and that they were trying so hard not to advertise unless it was available; remained available through out this period and its available today. Unfortunately I still dont have any! ouch!! I'll report this as well. Thanks for all the information everybody. Please, dont go to There's got to be a better way!

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