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Clearwire / Clear / Broken Modem- they don't care

1 Dayton, OH, United States

Whatever you do don't get Clearwire as you Internet Service Provider. Not only have I had poor signal forever but my modem broke on Thursday. I called customer service 4 times explaining the issue over politely trying to get them to switch out my modem. There are 2 Clear stores in my city. Customer Service said that I could swap out my modem with one of the stores. Hence, next day I go to the stores. One store people say no one has been there in months and is closed. The other no one is there as well. I call customer service back ask them to send out a modem post haste because it is Memorial Day weekend. I run a business online and that would be 5 days with no business costly me alot of money. I had to ask for a supervisor who assured me they were sending out the modem that day FedEx and would receive it the next day. Which would be Friday. But Friday I go by the Clearwire store and see someone inside but it said 'closed', so I knock on the door hoping that he could just swap out my modem. The man ignored me never answered the door. So, I go home call another Clearwire store and someone answers and he calls the guy at the other store. The guy says yeah he knew he didn't answer but he doesn't have any modems. WTH?? They have no modems and they are a ISP. He couldn't of come to the door and explained that even? To make matters worse I call for the tracking number and get it but the modem didn't go out when they said it went out on Friday at 1pm. Meaning I don't have the modem and have lost hundreds with no internet over Memorial Day weekend, but sitting at Panera Bread using their wifi answering at least emails. I went off on customer service but all they can say is 'sorry for the inconvenience' DO NOT SUBSCRIBE AT ALL TO THIS COMPANY CLEARWIRE DOES NOT CARE AT ALL IF SOMETHING HAPPENS!! But, if you are one day late in paying your bill, they will cut you off post haste. Nice way to do business, right?


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