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Clearwire / Unfair billing practices

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I have been a Clearwire customer for almost a year now and I have been happy with the service. Recently, my apartment was burglarized and in addition to having my personal things taken, my Clearwire modem was also stolen. I called the company and asked them what I should do. The first time I called the representative that I spoke with was very unhelpful. She told me that it didn’t matter how I lost the modem; I would have to pay for the modem plus the cost to suspend or terminate the service. After telling the lady repeatedly that I was burglarized and that it wasn't my fault, I asked to speak with her manager. She would not put me in contact with her manager and told me that I could either pay for a replacement modem and/or pay the disconnect and early termination fee.

A few days later I got in contact with Clearwire's retention department and I was told to fax my copy of the police report to their department. Later I received an email saying that a new modem would be shipped to my house.

When the modem came I hooked it up but there was no signal. I called Clearwire and they told me that I would have to pay $100 to turn the modem on. At the time when I sent the retention department did not tell me that I would have to $100 to turn the modem on.

I am very upset with Clearwire. I was violated and victimized when my apartment was robbed and I feel like Clearwire is victimizing me again. I could understand paying the $100 fee if I was at fault for losing the modem, but I was not.

The company has refused to refund me the $100 even though I did not lose the modem.

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  • Po
      7th of Apr, 2007
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    I got ripped off by the Clearwire Scam also. My connection is slower than dial-up and the company has no service to customers. My computer was infected with virus's, my ports have been blocked, emails lost, and a whole host of problems. Clearwire is UNUSABLE in Jacksonville FL.

  • An
      23rd of Apr, 2007
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    I have been a clearwire customer for 18 mo now. Their service no always reliable but i suck with it. When i sign up i was told that i had a 1 year contract. There was no paperwork involved just a screen where you can click on the "i agree to terms". In fact back then they did not even have a "print this page" option and you you could not just print the screen shot because in was a small window with the fine print and it was scrolling.

    Any ways 2 months ago i switched my phone system to a voip system (voice over internet protocol) and it was not working properly. The reason was because clearwire blocks their ports on purpose so that you use their own property viop service. They said that they could not unblock them. After repeated attempts with their tech support a was told that their was nothing they can do. So because i was already 18 months into my one year contract i decided to cancel. I was told that i would have to pay an early cancellation fee because the one year contract automatically renews ever year. So i told them that it is essentially a infinity year contract then. They were very unhelpful even the managers. They would not return the call like they promised and they where down right rude.

    Even though i canceled service with them they would not sent me a shipping label like they had promised so that i could send back the modem. So i took the modem back to the local office and they also refused it. I called the local office and the manager said he would take it if i bought it back to him personally. So i did. Meanwhile clearwire's would continue to call me up to 3 time a day even though a asked them to stop calling me. Then a 3rd parting billing company started calling 2 times a day even though i asked them to stop calling me. I asked them to send be a bill and they said that they do not offer that service and that all billing is paid with credit cards only. They continue to bill my credit card even two months after i returned the modem and i am not even using their service. I have had to start an investigation process with my credit card company to get that money back. I think this type of business practice is a scam... I will never use their service again.

  • Ca
      11th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    Ahh, it WAS your fault. Whether or not you physically lost the modem or not, it was in your possession, and your responsibility! If you bought a car and it got stolen, would you ask the dealership for a new one? Because it wasn't "your fault" ??? NO!!!

  • Sh
      12th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    So you expect a company to pay for you being robbed? It's not the companies fault either that you were robbed. You should have had insurance that covers things like burglary and buy the modem to continue your service or cancel and use the same money and pay the ETF. There's nothing wrong with the way Clearwire handled it, just because they are a big company doesn't mean they can just give away free equipment because of your misfortune.

  • Ae
      25th of Feb, 2008
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    I have been a Clearwire customer for two years. Generally I have been satisfied although I have not really needed to use Clearwire's customer service. Recently, I have found that I have not been receiving all of my emails from other web sites. These are from multiple domains which if I redirect to my online Yahoo email - all are received properly. I directly use the Clearwire's email website and so it had nothing to do with my local machine. Yet, after explaining at exhaution, their customer service through multiple people they blame the user and makes the user responsible for their clear defect. There is something wrong with this ISP provider lately. The have issues and are keeping them to themselves. Horrible service response and they don't listen, particularly when customers are losing important data/emails.

    Looking for other ISP options.

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