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Clearwire / Worst experience ever!

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I have read several of the complaints here and else where on the net. It appears as if I am not the only one having issues with Clearwire. I saw one post discussing lies to investors, I have no doubt that is true. I do not invest but if I did it sure would not be in Clearwire. I wish I had never signed a contract with them. The product simply does not work and I was better off with my old service.

A friend of mine convinced me and 5 good buddies to switch to Clearwire for faster better service. That was dumb! I could not keep a connection, when I did have a connection I felt like I was on dial up waiting for downloads. Their customer service reps act like it is not their fault and too bad. In my opinion if you sell me a service I expect service! If you cannot provide it, then it is your fault!

I spoke to my buddies and they are all having the same problems, worse the guy that recommended it to us switched to Comcast two months ago! Needles to say I am pretty upset! I decided to make arrangements to go with another provider. I have also decided that I am not going to pay Clearwire for my last months of no service, or the cancellation charges! They can go fly a kite!

All of my friends have decided to do the same!

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      12th of Jun, 2007
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    I have had about 2 weeks of nothing but a royal pain in the ### with clearwire. Clearwire has trapped me in my contract until Feb. of '09... that is false because I signed up in Oct. of '09 and I am fighting it as we speak. The few things that I have done already is... I got the print out of my bank statements, the invoice print out straight from my account with clearwire. I have notified the Better Business Bureau. They are sending me complaint forms so that I can file a complaint about the action that you took to trap me and the no action that I am seeing about you guys figuring this ### issue that I have with you. Last but not least... I have a lawyer whom I am going to seek legal advise or even legal action against clearwire. I know lots of people and I am warning everyone not to get clearwire. The other thing that I found from the Better Business Bureau is that clearwire has had thousands of complaints from customers who have gotten trapped in their contracts. Why!!! Why are you doing this to people... Why? I am one very very pissed off costumer as well as many others who you have screwed. Thanks a whole bunch! I am going to continue fighting this and I will win someday soon.

  • In
      29th of Jun, 2007
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    Same story over here. They lured us into a 2-year contract, although we even do not live within their coverage area. This, of course, we only found out after we had signed up and went on their coverage maps. Hence, one can only imagine how bad the service is. Even dial-up is lightning-fast, compared to that slow, snail-speed crap - if it works at all. About 50% of the time, we cannot access the Internet at all. If we can, there are about 50% of all packets lost when doing a ping. for this, we are paying good money every month. When complaining to them that they actually shouldn't have taken us, since we are not covered, they just "shrugged their shoulders"; when telling them we wanted to quit, they immediately threatened us with having to pay the "modem fee" of $300 as well as an early quitting fee of $180. To us, this company is nothing but a bunch of criminals. We can't wait until the contract runs out, and even here, we need to beware not to get entangled in one of their traps. Why is it that such guys can do their dirty business, everybody knows about it, but no one can do anything about it?

  • Sh
      12th of Sep, 2007
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    You do know celphones didn't work well when they came out right? Hell celphones still barely work in some areas...can you hear me now?...good...

    This technology is relatively new to the national public, so of course some people will experience poor service over other in better suited areas. That's the nature of technology, I'd suggest doing a little research before signing a contract next time you want to jump into something.

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