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I moved 10 miles and cannot get clearwire service. I was told verbally my entire valley was covered. Now they want me to pay early cancellation fee or $165. This is a complete scam. I was lied to.

I talked to their account services dept who told me to run an ad in Craigslist to find someone to take over my account. She didn't have all the info of how this was done. I'm afraid I don't feel like I should be their extended sales arm.

I used their live chat and was told no supervisor was available I was talking to the wrong dept. Live chat is customer care but cannot help with accounts. Both people were like robots just spewing out pleasant comments but could give no answers other than quoting policy and yada yada.

Their service sucks too. I'm now on Qwest and am remembering how the internet can really be faster at home.

Clearwire needs to be put out of business.

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      Mar 11, 2009

    Wow another person with the Craiglist junk. When we moved out of state they wanted us to sell the account on Craiglist as well. Even after telling them TEN MILLION times that we have no time and energy to deal with this (since we're moving from east coast to west coast with three children under three in a few weeks) and also it's NOT our freakin' job but THEIRS to sell their product (otherwise we want to get their paycheck of course)- they refused to send the sticker/label for mailing the modem in. This godless game went on for weeks with them. Now, even after we finally got to mail the modem back, they harrass us day and night (they say we owe money, several months' worth of monthly fees since we have not sent the discontinuation fees yet. Indeed we have not - simply because we can't! They won't send a physical bill about it and we won't pay over the phone because we've heard of people who got burned by paying over the phone, with Clearwire taking off extra charges from their card. )
    So the battle goes on...I am so sorry and so glad at the same time that we're not the only ones dealing with this crppola.

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      Aug 06, 2009

    Signed up for Clear wire. Terrible static on phone. After multiple calls and contact, problem unresolved, I considered the contract breeched and cancelled service, gave 30 days notice. Now they are demanding over $200. for the contract. Outrageous. Service was never delivered and they refused to take action and correct the problem. Clear Wire is trying to charge me for terminating an unacceptable service. NOT. Told them to sue me.

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