SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Shopping EssentialsUnauthorized use of Debit card

No way to contact and trying to contact shopping essentials they wanted me to log in with my debit card number because my phone number was not on file with them ( go figure ) I had four charges for $19.95 from S, E on my bank statement. I was working off-shore when three of them were on it, when I was at my bank to cancel my card I was hit with the fourth debit on my account. I have not canceled my subscription with first I am going to make some NOISE on there website, I have sent an announcement to all my class with an alert to read it, stating that they need to check out the complaints on on this website and I just checked my announcement on and it is still posted. hopefully there will be more people putting in complaints to help put a stop to these Deceptive Practices.

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