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Claim Specialists International / Fraud

United States Review updated:
This company offered a free roof inspection. After the inspection the "roof inpector" stated that my roof was so badly damaged he was "afraid" to walk on it. We filed a claim with our insurance company and I check the company out. They have been kicked out of the BBB and are under investigation for working without proper municipal permits in El Paso County. Our insurance adjuster came and inspected the roof and said our roof was in very good shape and did not need to be replaced, he denied the claim. A lady from CSI called the next day to set up an appointment, she told me that the claim had been approved and the payment had been issued. I told her that the claim had been denied and there was no payment, she said our contract would be cancelled. The next day, the same lady called again and stated that they had received paperwork from our insurance company, our claim was approved and we would be receiving our money in a few days. I once again told her that the insurance adjuster had denied the claim, she then stated that she had spoken directly to the adjuster an he told her the claim was approved, I hung up on her and called the adjuster, left a message and the minute I hung up CSI called again. This time the lady stated she had checked with the insurance company again and that the claim was denied. Our adjuster called back after that and he laughed when I told him what CSI had said, he said he NEVER spoke to anyone at CSI about our claim. Anyhow, beware...there are 119 homes in Denver that are contracted with this company...6 months ago...they still don't have roofs and probably never will. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING WITH THIS COMPANY!


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  11th of Jan, 2009
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I bet this if these people actually researched how much damage would be required to replace the pre-excisting roof through thier insurance company, and got up on the roof to look for themselves, they would find that there IS enough damage and they DO need a new roof. Their insurance adjuster is probably laughing because they have been paying there insurance for years, and he just denied their claim because they don't know anything about how much damage there actually needs to be and probably just got a promotion because of it! Claims Specialists International HELPS people get their roofs approved and denies working with anyone that does not have the right amount of damage on their roof to set a claim. The homeowner is the one who is surpossed to call the CSI office to set an appointment for the adjustment, and no one will know if the roof is approved until after the adjustment. Plus the adjuster HAS to speak with CSI because they do the adjustment together. Almost every roofing company is having trouble getting supplies shipped due to the current status of our economy.
  5th of Feb, 2009
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Do not use claim specialists international.
They took our insurance check. It has been 9 months!! with no new roof. They will give you the same excuses every time you call. We are back up.
Do not use claim specialists international. They will not finish your roof.
This is from personal experience. I made a stupid choice when signing with them. They were misleading and made lies.
  20th of Feb, 2009
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To lovergirl24,

You must work for this company. The fact is that insurance adjusters are there to protect the homeowner from fraudulent companies like Claim Specialists International. Not only did the adjuster walk my roof but my husband did too, and he has put on a lot of roofs. So where as some homeowners may not be able to determine the extent of damage to the roof, we could and there was NONE! As far as not being able to get supplies, I call BS! I could go to home depot right now and get enough supplies to fix a roof and I'm willing to bet that I could call a reputable roofing comapany and have a new roof in a few weeks! How about the 200 homes in Denver who have been waiting for new roofs for more than a year, and the people in my neighborhood who have been waiting for 6 months? If CSI can't get the job done then they should cancel the contract and let these people find someone else. CSI has peoples money and is not doing the job they contracted to do! Lovergirl, when this company goes down you will go with them, I hope you get what you deserve. Oh and by the way, I found out this morning, from a neighbor, that CSI is no longer answering their phones and they are changing their name...hmm something smells fishy...
  20th of Feb, 2009
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  21st of Feb, 2009
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I'm a roofing contractor here in the front range, and frequently come across homeowners who have been duped by these slimeballs, and for anyone who is in this business it makes life tough because of these fly-by-nights.I would like to offer some help, unfortunately for some its too late.

Never give a roofer or roofing company any money up front. We never ask for money UNTIL the work is COMPLETED.As far as needing money so their subs can order the materials, thats a flat out lie.Any roofing company thats legitimate has an account at a supply house, THE ROOFING COMPANY orders the material and PAYS for them, not the sub-contractor.If the company is telling you they need the money upfront its because they probably have ALREADY ripped off their supplier and cannot get material unless they pay cash!! Also these types of companies don't pull permits and the work is never inspected by the city that has juristiction, that is a BIG RED FLAG. My heart goes out to all of you who have been victimized.Some of these people who worked at CSI also worked at Homefront Quality roofing, now known as Colorado Homefront Roofing, which Tom Martino did an expose on.They simply started their own company(CSI) and began all over again, which begs the question where will these RATS surface next? If your dealing with a company that has not been around very long, do your HOMEWORK...Get the owners name, if there are problems is he accessable?If that info is secret, BEWARE. Do they belong to the BBB and better yet, do they belong to a ROOFING ASSOCIATION? I 've had people tell me the BBB is no gaurantee of anything, maybe, but for me and my company to REMAIN a member requires that there be integrity with how we conduct business or we can't have that little logo on our cards, and trust me that little logo means that consumers have somewhere to go and check us out.If you need to contact me you can at ggtonap@aol.com
  21st of Feb, 2009
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Thanks so much for inserting your professional opinion. I know these people spew a lot of crap, but it's nice to have some back-up from someone who is in the business and reputable. Utimately it is the homeowners responsibilty to check out any contracter before doing business with them, but as I said before not all people have the knowledge of how to do that. My heart goes out to anyone who has been scammed by these people and best of luck on trying to get your money back. I am perfectly willing to offer any help I can with getting these jerks out of business and exposing this scam.
  13th of Mar, 2009
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Contractor here too. Indiana. The sad fact is, most of these rats are hooked up w/ the adjuster. Too many, not all, adjusters will push these guys onto an unsuspecting public. Too bad that the word is not out as they are thriving.

I do dis-agree about taking a dowpayment. It locks the job for both of us. I don't need the DP, but I don't want a homeowner backing out of the deal either.
I take 25% down. It seems kind of like tradition here. When I started in 1990 I refused them. But people kept insisting and it has made my business life better since I started taking them. On short jobs, coming up quick, I do not require them. In fact i actually don't "require" them at all. They ask, or offer, and I accept.

I know this is a long winded argument, and no one is really right or wrong. But if you can't trust your contractor w/ a DP, how in the heck can you trust him to take care of your roof????????

As a sidenote, due to the long hard winter we just had, we are just now completeing a $27, 000 that we started in December. I have ONLY been paid the DP., of $5000. I will be getting paid in full tommorrow.
  2nd of Apr, 2009
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We've officially joined the list who got swindled by this corrupt company (companies?). We called Rebecca Wild of the State Attorney General's Office at 303-866-5187 and filed a Consumer Complaint Form, as she suggested, after our latest encounter with Claims Specialists Incorporated (CSI)/ K-2 Roofing or whatever they are called at present. I would suggest that everyone else who have been victims of these people do the same. The more of us who speak out the better chance we have of obtaining justice from these people.
  8th of Apr, 2009
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We too got screwed by these people. They took our "down payment" last October which was basically 3/4 of the entire cost, and a large sum. Thank God we have not had any leaks throughout the Winter and now Spring. We actually DO have damage and NEED a roof, and cannot afford any more out of pocket! These people disgust me and all the employees that went along with it. We dealt with Troy Wise and do have a cell number for him but never get a response...of course!! Please, everyone that has been swindled by them, file your complaints. It's so important.
  9th of Apr, 2009
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If this CSI company doesn't do the repairs or refund people back their money, then they'll get what they deserve. I did the same thing back November 2008, I signed over my insurance claims check to these idiots. If it wasn't for the winter months, I would have bugged these people more about my roof, and would have found out sooner about this mess. We're also filing a complaint thru the Colorado Attorney Generals Office. I can't believe these low lives are causing people such grief, with the way so many folks are struggling to pay their bills these days.
  10th of Apr, 2009
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I to was scammed by these ### and gave them my insurance check back in Nov. 08. I have filed my complaint with the BBB and the Colorado Attorney Generals office. Of course since then I have lost my job and there is no way I can replace my roof without the ins. money. I'am sick over this whole ordeal and have no idea how I'm going to get a new now.
  15th of Jul, 2009
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CALL GLEN JESSON Previous owner of CSI. Do not due business with any of his new companies. You can call and discuss with this fraud but do not believe any of his lies!!
Call him Glen Jesson 720-364-5685
  15th of Jul, 2009
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Mellisa King claims to have filed BK. And now she will not pay the money she stole. Do not deal with her or any of their companies. They should be banned from doing business again in CO.
  15th of Jul, 2009
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Colorado Roof Exchange is the new company of Glenn Jessen (former owner of CSI). He uses a different name.
DO not use Colorado Roofing Exchange 303-834-1040.
13791 E. Rice Pl. Aurora, CO 80015
He goes under Jen!!
Do not use Colorado Roof Exchange he will rip you off. Look them up they have only been in business this year in the sec of state of CO. They are a new scam company
Correct Name COLORADO ROOF EXCHANGE do not use they are glenn Jesseon former owner of CSI and other roof scamming companies. DO NOT PAY THEM ANY MONEY UPFRONT DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CHECK. THere are other roof companies that are legit. Save yourself the money and pain and do not deal with scammers
  29th of Jul, 2009
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I just called the office number for CSI and it was disconnected. I went to the website listed on the business cards and the paperwork and it is not found either. Luckily I never handed over my check, but they had the same story for me. I'm so glad I've waited!
  29th of Jul, 2009
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Slumbergirl was Colorado Roof Exchange the ones you presented to you a contract and asked for the check upfront?

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