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I have Citimortgage, but I pay my own property taxes and I have my own insurance company that I have been dealing with for years. I have never had an escrow account.

I have never had issues with my flood insurance until they decided in July 2008 to send me an insurance policy for excess flood insurance. I contacted my insurance company right away. I have a 30, 000 dollar mortgage, Citimortgage said that I did not have adequate flood insurance, they wanted me to raise my flood insurance 170, 000 more. I am now up to a total of 220, 000 in coverage.

Citimortgage created an escrow acct, which I am still trying to resolve since last year. They keep sending me letters threatening foreclosure if I do not pay on my escrow. This is all due to flood insurance and that the reps there cannot resolve any issues. I am re-routed to India, then they transfer me to someone else. My husband, my insurance company and myself have been on the phone with them constantly telling them that I have adequate insurance. We have faxed them policies, spoken to reps, they keep telling us that it has been corrected and the policy canceled, I will be receiving a confirmation letter. Guess what, I never receive it.

My most recent call was today and the rep says it will be resolved, my insurance company needs to re-fax the policy (the 10th time or more, I lost count). This has not been resolved, I will still be waiting.

This has caused such aggravation in my household that my children are beginning to feel it. They have started to hit our credit, they are charging late payments (which are not late), and we can't forget they are also charging to send an inspector to the home to see if it is vacant. There has to be something that we can do to stop this harrassment. It is not fair, everyone is feeling this not just the banks. Hopefully someone can read our letters and resolve these issues before they get worse and more families become homeless.. Thanks for reading.

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  • Ra
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    I also had problems with Citimortgage they returned checks to me saying that that account did not exsist so and that my named did not either so I would use my social security and that also came up non exsisting .For over a year I dealt with this problem I spoke to various of people on the phone and all from different states and none of them could get the problem solve I have been with this company for only four years and it has been nothing but problems I did not exsist for over a year and know all of a sudden they get a big chunk of change from the government and know I exsist and my house went into forclosure I have had medical problems I have a brain tumor and MY partner went through quadruple bypass surgery a couple of years ago, this problems with citimortygage do not help our physical problems we have a daughter who is 9years old she is seeing all the stress that we are going through someone needs to do something about this .

  • Tg
      15th of Oct, 2009
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    Citimortgage did the same thing to us. We pay our own taxes and insurance. We had $170, 000 in flood insurance on a house worth $125, 000 (by County tax appraisal) and a loan balance of $30, 000. They insisted we raise our insurance to $225, 000, but with two hurricanes in the Gulf, one right after the other, there was no way to increase insurance amount. Citimortgage took out a separate polity and is still trying to get us to pay the $72 in premiums. We have refused to pay the additional escrow amount each month, so they count our payment late each month and have threatened to return our payments until we pay the $72. The next thing will probably be an attempt to foreclose...

  • Md
      26th of Jan, 2010
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    We have just joined the Citimortgage Flood insurance scam group (victims)...policy charges just quadrupled. Low loan balance (45, 000), no real problems for years with them, and bang! here they come with this.

    I've been reading now lots of accounts of very similar circumstances...but no mention of recourse taken, solutions found/made.

    Any advice to the best course to get these criminals off our backs? It's frightening, as it seems they're capable of doing a lot of damage.

  • Ci
      13th of Mar, 2010
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    Having the exact same problem with citimortgage. How do we get help?

  • Be
      7th of Jun, 2010
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    I am searching for a mortgage to turn my HEL into a fixed rate mortgage. I have looked @ BOA, BankAtlantic and Citibank. They all pretty much the same, but when I googled problems with each one of those banks, they ALL have compliants in the hundreds. Any suggestions?

  • We
      7th of Jun, 2010
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    I have my mortgage with Citi. It is not by Choice, my mortgage was bought by them. Well anyhow long story short, my flood insurance was at 52, 000 of coverage, the house is only assesed for 47, 500. This insurance has been inplaced since i purchased the house in 1994. Citi made me increase my flood insurance to 140, 000, which by far is way to much for flood insrance. The only thing that it covers is water clean up, and the furnace if it is in the basement, and it has to be documented that the river is what flood my home, it cannot be back up of ground water that caused it, which in the area that I live in is going to be what happens anyhow, the river is over 1/2 mile away, and will never back up to my house. But from the flood of 1972 FEMA came in and said that the property that I now own is in flood zone A. but my backdoor neighbor is not, they are in flood zone B and do not have to carry flood insurance. and that house is with in 50 feet of my house and the land is flat. I did call Senators office, and they said if I want to hire a survey crew and do the paper work with FEMA I could possible get my home removed from the flood zone. Like i really have the money to do that, not. I also did ask them if they have the right to set the amount of flood insurance on a home and they said that there really is not Federal law under FEMA that limits them to the min amount, but they can set there own guide lines for the amount that you must carry, up to 250, 000 is the max flood insurance that you can have. Now Citi has increased my mortgage to the point that my escrow account is 2 times what my actual morgtage payment is. My wife and I talked, and decided that we must either sell the house, or try to find a mortgage company with different guide lines for flood insurance. I cannot afford this much each month, the thing about it, is that citi does not even get any of that money for the flood insurance because the rates are set by FEMA and all of the money goes to them, because I got my extra insurance though my private insurance company. If anyone knows any federal laws or state laws for New York that can limit this from happening please post a blog here I will be checking back, and if I learn more I will post again

    Wellsville NY

  • Pl
      24th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Wellsville, get your property off FEMA. It's not that expensive. You get a survey, send it into FEMA. they remove you. Here's a response from another forum:
    /URL removed/

    In case you haven't already, this issue does not get resolved unless you apply for this Letter of Map Amendment from FEMA. You have the biggest headache out of the way (the elevation certificate), so file this with FEMA and you should get an answer back within two months. The surveyor is not liable if your property is flood damaged; the lender is. If Citimortgage has any question about whether its collateral is at risk, it will protect its investments until a higher authority (in this case FEMA) states flood insurance is unnecessary. Many surveyors also incorrectly state the flood risk of the property. Also, once you get this LOMA, speak with the insurance company about getting reimbursed for some of your premiums paid.

    Finally, a WYO policy will be cheaper than the force-placed policy from your lender. They are required to rate to the maximum risk. Your agent should write a policy matching the lender's finding until a LOMA is produced. This is all covered in the Mandatory Purchasing Guidelines that lenders follow.

  • Rg
      19th of Aug, 2010
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    I had the same issue with Bank of America. Every year I would have to fax documents about 5 to 6 times every year and be on the phone for hours until months later they would finnaly get my flood insurance squared away. Just to find out I would have to do it again year after year. I finally got a LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment) which will cost you around $300 dollars (for a Proffesional engineer land surveyor) and a little running around town to get some local maps. But its was worth the $600 flood insurance bill I had to pay every year, every since they decided to triple my coverage!! I believe the banks and flood insurance companies have come up with a good scam to empty the home owners pockets legally??!!

  • Ro
      23rd of Feb, 2011
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    This company's customer service line is the absolute worst. I have tried to speak to someone about signatures that were forged on a recent mortgage re-modification but I was transfered 6 times and each time the person was ruder than the previous person. None of the 6 gave me any kind of customer satisfaction. I guess they don't acre whether they are getting my money illegally, just as long as they are getting it. Just another scam. Thanks Citi-Mortgage!

  • Pe
      17th of Dec, 2014
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    I had this issue in 2008 and CitiMortgage is attempting to force flood insurance again at the end 2014, due in January 2015.. I also have a letter from FEMA and CitiMortgage agreeing that I am not in a flood zone. Is anyone else getting these letters again from CitiMortgage again?

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