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Citimortgage, Inc. / monthly house payment!

1 PO Box 6006The Lakes, NE, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-283-7918

I purchased my home in 2005 and had an adjustable rate. When the rates started to increase I refinanced to have a 30 year fixed rate. When I refinanced I also had them add my impounds for taxes and insurance. My house payment was about $2800.00 per month for everything. The mortgage company reviewed my account and found that there was an error and not enough was added to my impound account so my payment went up to $3597.35. In August my husband called and talked to Christina and she informed him that our last payment of this amount would be December 2007 and at that time my payment for January would go back to normal.

When I received my January statement it still stated that my house payment would be $3597.35. I told my husband to call and find out why we were still paying this amount. He told me that when he called that they are evaluating our account and a new statement would go out in a few days. I waited a week and called and talk to April who is the escrow specialist and she told me that they are still in the process but I still had to pay that amount because nothing would be changed until March of 2008. She also stated that taxes and insurance can always change. I understand that but this had nothing to do with a change in my taxes or insurance this was an error. I also understand that taxes can change every year, but not this much.

I told her that the whole story about the error with the refinancing and we were told our last payment would be December of 2007. She stated that her notes doesn't state that. I also told her that the $3597.35 was killing us financially and because of error that someone made when refinancing our loan. She stated that if I wait until January 20, 2008 that I could possibly have my payment changed then but if I don't pay my house payment by the 30th of January they would report me to the credit bureau and if I don't pay my house payment by the 16th of January I would have to pay a late fee of $124.86 on top of that. She said that there is nothing that they can do.

I have a family to raise and it is my responsibility to pay my house payment every month but I find it unfair that I have to suffer at the hands of an error and the callousness of a company that just doesn't care and they will do whatever they want to do at my expense. It is very disturbing with all that is going on in this country with homes that are in foreclosure, that you would think that this mortgage company would be more preceptive in resolving this matter.

All I would like to do is have an immediate resolution and not have to wait on a company to figure out what they are doing. I shouldn't have to suffer for another 3 months. I also think that the answer "there is nothing I can do" is good enough and all I requesting is facts. I have been paying my mortgage payment every month and I have not been reported to the credit bureau due to non payment. Since I feel that I am in good standing I shouldn't be treated in this fashion.

Any immediate assistance would be most appreciated.


Caren Miller

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