Citi Trendsrudeness

yesterday i went shopping at this store and from tbe beginning i notice the clerk with an attitude but i kept going i gad a small basket and she told to move it so i did at tbe cashier i put the small basket on top if the counter she very rude told to put on the floor so i did the next she begin ripping the hanger of the clothes and throwing the hanger so hard into abox across from her she rip one of my blouse and told to get another one i said no by this time she was getting me nervous. and she said oh well i paid her and she told me to put tbe basket back which i did but i left with a sad feeling not wanting to go back there anymore

  • Updated by sleibad762, Nov 29, 2017

    hi im complaining on a clerk tosay i went to go christmas shopping i jacksonville nc. I had a bad experience with the clerk she was so rude she was throwing hangers across the room she rip one of blouses taking it of the hanger she yell at to take the dam basket of tbe counter and order me to put hand basket back she said that wasnt her job.

Nov 30, 2017

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