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Citi Trends / management/customer service

1 Raleigh, NC, United States
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On 12/23/17 after a long day of work.I decided to take my wife to pick up a few items for the night we had planned from your Raleigh nc location on capital blvd .After shopping and carrying small talk with the manager and the clerk. We kindly said goodbye and went home. Once dressed we noticed the clerk never put the items in the bag so we called the location @942pm to notify them. They kept insisting that we come in the morning to get it because they close soon. But we live 4 min away. So my wife sent me to get the accessories. When I reached it was 949 pm and customers were still shopping. I found the accessories on the wall and told the manager that before they so rudely hung up in my wife's face that she was trying to tell them they forgot and they needed to run the cameras back. Keep in mind we shop at this location at least 3 times a week so you would think almost all employees know us when we come in. The accessories are 4.99. I am a business owner. Our total that night came to like $75. Instead of running the cameras to see she didn't even want to look at my receipt or anything so I showed her once again and said ...this is what I paid for and began to leave. She runs behind me with a phone to call the police saying A BIG BLACK MAN IS STEALING FROM OUR LOCATION AND GAVE MY TAG #...INSTEAD of leaving I stayed and waited for the police. Once they arrive after several minutes of this lady arguing with me saying I stole something I clearly paid for. As a manager u would think that she would have watched the camera and notice the mistake the employee made. Once the office made her run the camera she noticed the mistake. Do u think I got an apology?!? No I received a trespassing form and my accessories because she told the officer that I loud talked her and threw items in her store.The officer said he saw none of that on camara but there is no audio. So he has to trespass any customer that they are refusing to serve any more but that I should take this up with citi trends corporate affiliates. Never have I ever been so embarrassed in my life. Other patrons outside began taking pictures and video...all of this for a set of 4.99 accessories that I paid for and a young clerk made a mistake that her manager could have recified by checking the cameras. Even when she realized the mistake her pride ego and fiasco she put on wouldn't allow her to apologize...only thing she did was give me my trespass paper receipt and accessories. Not to mention my receipts for the week before add up to about wife and I shop a lot at this location.

Citi Trends

Dec 27, 2017

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