Chrisnic Construction / Poor workmanship/Liars

Bellmore, NY, United States

I used Chrisnic to build an extension. Every step of the build was a nightmare. The salesman stated they do not use sub contractors when that is the only type of workers that worked on my house ( They show up in cars not even work trucks). The framing of walls were not level or square. The vaulted ceiling was framed at different angles causing waves in the ceiling. They installed 4 doors, all of which ended up being different heights b/c workers did not know how to frame pocket doors. The tape and spackle is falling from seems throughout the room. They started in July and stated they would finish by September ( Fired them in November). The Salesman/Project Mgr was fired in middle of job and was never replaced causing them to lose track of the job . They re-used boards from old deck that was ripped down and framed my new deck( took boards from garbage). The siding they installed did not cover original shingles so they decided to break shingles with hammer leaving exposed broken edges of old siding. New framed roof did not match with old roof showing original hip of roof buldging above new roofline. The exterior door does not close correctly. Windows installed in extension were not sealed correctly causing basement to flood during rainstorm. I would tell all to stay away from Chrisnic they do not do good work.

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