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Chicago Motor Cars / Fraud and falsely advertises

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Do not buy from this dealership! They falsely advertise features and services done to the car that are not there. Not to mention they didn’t have the title or keys!! They are all about the almighty dollar and seeing who they can take advantage of. Of course they will role out the red carpet for you initially, but as soon at they think they have your business, the customer service goes away. Parin and Robby are the worst. Parin doesn’t know how to handle any kind of confrontation and resorts to name-calling. That’s top-notch professionalism right there. And Robby, well, he must have known someone to get his job. Really, don’t waste your time.
Stay away from this dealership, the fraud and unprofessional conduct as a businessman is unbelievable. They will lie about the true features on a car hoping you won't catch it. Then selling you a car they don't have a title for, how is this possible. Bought a Benz from them and the reckless salesman ran it in to a gas pump before I arrived. Then wanted to lie and say that's the way the car was when it was put up for sales. And here if my favorite lines from this dealership. Before I bought the car the car was "pristine" after I found all of this mess then it's "a used car, what do you want" STAY AWAY FROM CHICAGO MOTOR CARS.

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  • Gc
      15th of Apr, 2012


    I have read this guy David W. Bates complaint against Chicago Motor Cars and I think its important to know that these are erroneous and unjust. I have been a long term customer of the dealership since the beginning to its new multi show room facility. I am very aware of their customer relations and business ethics. I was in no way coerced to respond to his complaint rather felt compelled to share the truth of this individual and his progressive scams.

    This guy is probably the lowest form of life next to Charles Manson. In fact, Manson at least had integrity. DAVID W. BATES is roaming the streets as the worst BOTTOM FEEDER and PROFESSIONAL CON ARTIST ripping off American citizens.

    David W. Bates is the guy movies characters are based on. David W. Bates is the guy that gives you chest pains when you discover credit card fraud. David W. Bates is the guy who you want to hang from stealing your identity. But don't take my word for it...enjoy the following of many links to his thievery, deception and immortality to human kind as this convicted felon is out from Jail continuing to scam American citizens.


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  • Cm
      16th of Jul, 2012

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  • Ro
      9th of Jul, 2014

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  • Da
      15th of Jul, 2015

    Chicago Motor Cars sold me a vehicle that was severely corroded and rusted underneath to include the frame and most components. This dealer seems to have a pattern of bad dealings. Stay away from this dealer !

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