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Chennai Packers & Movers / Horrible, nightmarish experience

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This is about my experience with Chennai Packers and Movers, which is totally unforgettable from a concern which advertises as "No Tension Shifting" firm.

I booked for a local shifting within Chennai with Chennai Packers and Movers and confirmed the date and time for shifting. They agreed to shift by Sunday evening 5 p.m, so that we thought of spending our night in settling things at new house. Apparently, we called them to confirm the appointment at 4.30 p.m. They said that their ppl have got held-up at some unloading process near Anna Nagar, (which is far from Besant Nagar), and hence can except the team by 6.30 p.m. This made us feel nervous, still with no other go we waited till 6.45 p.m and gave a call to their representative, who said the vehicle has started 15 mins back and is on the way... we believed his words and waited till 8.15 p.m (considering the time to travel from North Chennai to South Chennai in the sunday evening traffic). With no response from any of the people from Chennai Packers and Movers to know about the house location or inform about the delay in arrival, we called them back again and heard an answer that the vehicle is still on the way and they could give the cab driver's number. With great confidence we contacted the driver who said he has just started and we can expect him by 9.30 p.m or so. With contrary answers from one person to another, we were left with no choice other than to wait for the vehicle to come...

With a delay of 4 hrs and 30 mins already, all our plans of relocation started to crumble down and we lost faith in their words... again when this cab driver was contact to know his location by 9.15 he says that he is not the cab driver and gave another cell number which was evidently switched off...

With the clock reaching 10 p.m , and the "Team" from Chennai Packers and Movers nowhere to be seen, our plan of shifting became a big question, since they would need min of 1 hour to pack and 30 mins to load things from our present location.

With great mental anxiety, nervousness and the fatigue of waiting for these people, we decided to wait for another 30 mins, and if they have not turned-up, we have to planned to alter our plans of shifting. Waiting for these people till 10.40 p.m and they have not turned up even after 5 hrs and 30 mins of the scheduled time, we decided that CHENNAI PACKERS AND MOVERS ARE NOT TRUSTWORTHY AND MERE LIARS, who never knows the importance of serving a customer and never care about customer satisfaction.

To all those who read this review my humble request is PLEASE DON'T EVER TAKE THE DECISION OF GIVING THE RESPONSIBILITY OF SHIFTING YOUR HOUSE WITH CHENNAI PACKERS AND MOVERS as they will not keep up their words, and added to the situation you will be forced to the situation of accepting whatever work he does at whatever time he comes.

Still not recovered from the lies that they told me to make me believe that they are nearing my house...

It was totally a horrible, nightmarish feeling to think about that black sunday... where we had to apparently delay our shifting solely because of the irresponsible and carelessness of Chennai Packers and Movers

From a very disturbed and disappointed customer.

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  • Ba
      5th of Oct, 2007
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    Do not Trust this Chennai packers and movers, these guys sent drunkards to load and unload. They are not professionals. They brought a old LCV from Street corner and charged huge rate and provided bad services. Never trust these guys.

  • Sa
      15th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    They give lot of false promises regarding the packing, shipment and arrival dates.

    I moved my personal household things on 12 Apr 2009 IST from Chennai to Nagercoil. I was told by the supervisor and also by the person who gave the estimate that the things will arrive by 13 Apr 2009 IST evening. But, even while I am writing this review 15 Apr 2009 IST afternoon, I am still waiting for my shipment to arrive here in Nagercoil (planning to update this review with the actual arrival date).

    The persons who came to pack the things are also not professionals. I have moved my household things previously using another packers from Chennai to Nagercoil and while comparing to them, Chennai Packers it just waste of money. They didn't take care of packing any of my things carefully. Most of things were just like that put into the carton boxes. Some of the home decorative terrocota / paintings were just kept without even bubble-wrapping them. I am not sure in what condition they are going to arrive here.

  • Sd
      25th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have been waiting for my bike for more than a month to just get it transferred from pune to bangalore. Their response was that they have no idea where my bike is.

    This company must be shut down by customers like us by filing appropriate case against them.

    Lets inform as much friends as we can about this poor service and let them realize the customer potential.

  • Ra
      27th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I had a very very WORST experience with this packers.

    All i did was I booked Chennai Packers and Movers for the house shifting from Chennai to Bangalore.Thats it. I have invited third grade problem to me loosing my 2 days sleep and patience. Till loading my goods the packers people were very polite, but once loaded and the vehicle left my home, they called to the office to make the payment. Initially they told that they dont have credit card reader and I can make the payment from the nearby petrol pump. When I reached their office Kumar told me that the credit card reader in the petrol pump wont work and I need to go a Jwellery to swipe which will ad 8 % service charge I need to pay.when I asked for the bill amount and the extra details, he said "Please leave" since they have packed my 2-3 lakhs worth goods, I could not refuse. Some took me to a place near to Perambur which almost 5 kms from the packers office for to the payment. I swiped the card there and the jweller took all my personal details as if I baught Jwells for the amount. It lead to somuch of confusion to me.

    Later I came to the packers office and requested them to deliver the goods by next day morning and they said ok for that.I have reached Bangalore very next day with my wife and 1.5 years kid by relyingon them that they will deliver the goods by next day.When I called from Bangalore they said there is a problem with the vehicle and its struck somewhere and I will get the goods by 4:00 PM. from then I made 200- 300 phone calls and no proper answer. at last after making so many phone calls to the owner and the local contact in Bangalore I got my ggods day after next day with damages . In th emean time, the Owner abused me for the repeated calls whereas I was totally worried about my valuables.

    The chairman and Managing Director of the Chennai packers and movers is third grade rowdy who threatens the customers after loading the goods.I wont ask you to go these ### if you wanna shift peacefully.

  • Sw
      11th of Nov, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Than having chennai packers and movers they should have been named.. Worst Packers and movers or Waste packers and movers..They give a very bad service..I dont know how they are still surviving with this bad proper numbers for contact..I believe once a person is experienced these guys will never call them again that will be his/her first transaction with that waste packers and movers..

  • Ni
      22nd of Jan, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Hi Guys,

    Their is a small Phrase : Where their is Darkness, Their is a small light of Hope...

    The negative comments which are given for Chennai Packers and Movers is been proven wrong by them to me:)

    They actually bought my goods from Chennai to Cochin within 6 days:)it took 6 days for them is because, it was Pongal Holidays (Tamil Festively), And also i had opted for share basis.

    All tho i was tensed after reading the reviews, and also because you cant keep a track of your luggage, but now i am relaxed, because they bought all my goods well packed, and also safe:)

    i wont deny about the tension i took, but it all ended well for me:)

    I thought i should write good about them, and also thank them for their help:)

    Niti Singh.

  • As
      15th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Agree 100percent.
    We had a very bad experience with Chennai Packers and Movers while shifting our household things from Chennai to Coimbatore. Their men didn't turn up on time at our place, didnot pack the bicycle(which we oursleves had to courier later). Also, after the things were brought down to CBE, few things went missing, one among them was the refridgerator stand, which they refused to bring back and we had to goto their office to collect. Also, there was zero response when we lodged a complaint to their management regarding the missing articles. Unprofessional behavior and total irresponsibility are the words i could describe these ppl with. When it comes to shifting, i would say a big NO for these guys. Never go for them!!!

  • Ga
      16th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Aggreed 200%
    I have booked my things from Bangalore to Hyderabad. Asked them to come for booking one Sunday 10 am, they didn’t come then I called them they said on the way will come @ 12 pm. I called so many times because there is no other chance for me as I assured my house owner that I am vacating that day. Finally they came @ 3.30 pm and loaded 5pm.while loading itself I asked about delivery they said Wednesday morning they will give in Hyderabad. Even they gave written assurance in for Wednesday delivery.

    I have called to Bangalore office Wednesday morning they said truck on the way it will reach evening ask me to call hyd office evening. Called hyd office they said no truck reached us, if its reaches we will call u. I was keep calling Bangalore, Chennai and Hyd office till Friday morning, then in Chennai office they said My thing their in Chennai office we ill load from Chennai on Friday. Daily I have made 20 calls to all the offices, two things they will not attend the call or they will say some lie or will give some person number and ask to call. I sent my person to Chennai office and here I went Hyderabad office three times finally I got next Thursday night after 13 days. The condition of my thing was very bad. I have called all offices at least 300 to 400 times in 13 days. But I didn’t get single call form Chennai packers and movers office.

    They can better change their names to Chennai frauds’ and liars. No bad word to them.

  • Se
      17th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hi All,
    I'm SelvaKumar, Ranganathan from Thenkasi.
    I had a very worst experience with these guys, Chennai Packars and Movers.
    I actually got a trnsfer from Chennai to my native Thenkasi. I approached
    these fellows. I was alone as my wife and kids had left for my native.

    These guys with the name Barani, Dharmalingam and some gang came to my home at T.Nagar.
    They started packing. I had complete trust on them. They grabbed all the small articles
    like mobile phones, silver jewels, CDs, 2 gold coins, vinayagar statue in silver etc etc.

    The worst part is, on the next day, I phoned and asked their office. They were
    irresponsible, and started talking like their mode of operation is like that only
    (main job is stealing and side bussiness is packers and movers) only.

    My sincere advice is, if you plan to use this guys, please get away from them.
    You could even throw your assets to koovam instead of using them to move.

  • Ma
      5th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had a VERY VERY BAD experience recently with this Guys.
    I have booked them to pack the things on a THURSDAY morning 10AM two days priorly.
    When we called them on Thursday Morning 9:30 am, they said already they have sent the Loading Van.
    But I didn't reach till 1 pm. we called them again. They said, packing guys are taking rest will reach by 1:30pm. And Finally they reached by 2:30 pm.
    After packing everything they promised they will reach mid night to the destination. The NORMAL Travel time for Destination is 6 hours. That means atleast by FRIDAY early morning they should have reached the Destination. But we got the goods only on SATURDAY morning 11:30 am.

    Nobody was answering properly for that. Highly irresponsible.


  • Na
      2nd of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    They have no class first of all. They are the pathetic service provider I will ever come in my lifetime. They are totally unprofessional, unethical, not at all trustworthy, non friendly, lots and lots to say... abt there worst service ( Mr Kumar their marketing Manager would totally agree with me) .

    Even you will received goods in such a condition, that a beggar will also refuse to take that goods. Beleive me this fact.

    I have to move goods from Chennai to Mumbai. They promised me that goods will be delivered in 4 days. After one week I called them, they told goods have already been dispatched and you will get within two days. Again after I called them they told the same story. Again after two days another executive told me goods will be dispatched today. I have almost made 200 STD calls and 30 SMS. They are not at all professionals, customer centric and no telephonic etiquette. Even the owner, Marketing head no one was able to answer me when i will get my goods. Finally i got goods, that too in bad condition,

    I will suggest even though, if they will tell you we will deliver your goods free of cost, please do not use there service.

  • Pr
      29th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Dear friends,
    I had a worst ever experience in life with this CHENNAI PACKERS AND MOVERS. I have invited third grade problem thru Chennai packers to me loosing my two day sleep and patience
    I recently shifted home from Bangalore to Chennai, I supposed to join my office on November 1st 2010 Monday, that’s why I have planed to shifting home on 30th Oct 2010 Saturday, they told me to loading for dedicated vehicle for that charging for Rs10, 000 that also delivered in very next day on 31st Oct 2010 Sunday morning 10 am.

    I was very happy executing the plan as per schedule, I trusted and paided the full payment, even though they not agreeing half payment, they want to pay full payment, I thought to pay half amount while loading and remaining amount will pay while unloading, the vehicle came to my home in Bangalore was very good covered vehicle till packing and loading goods the packers people were very polite, but once loaded and the vehicle left my home, the total scenario get changed, I and my wife reached on 31st Oct 2010 Sunday morning.

    I was expecting a vehicle from since morning 10 am, then I had frustrated, I have called the Bangalore office no one answered, then I called the Chennai office from there also no response, till afternoon I had made around 200 to 300 calls, finally Chennai office person attend the call and he said no truck reached us, if its reached us we will call u other wise they will deliver the goods on Monday only, what kind of ridicules and irresponsible answer, I have mad 200 to 300 calls, but They did not make single call from Bangalore or Chennai office regarding the status of delivery on Sunday, while calling this people they spoke rudely manner.

    Finally I received my goods on 1st November 2010 Monday evening at 4o clock, goods came to my home in bad condition by open vehicle with tharpolein covered(not in dedicated vehicle), things got damaged, sleeping bed fully wet due to rain, some items were missing, I called the packers regarding this, they told me to check. But they did not call after that, for me a really painful and nightmare experience. My hearty advice to friends is don’t go for Chennai packers, So these packers and movers, not having the basic business ethics about delivering the goods in committed time, not having the responsibly of keeping the customer with correct information, Chennai packers and movers according to me they are great liars, cheaters, by making the customers as scape goat for their money.

  • Ra
      25th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hey friends... thanks for all the comments.. but already i had my part of agony.. had i seen all these reviews would not have chosen them for moving my things from Chennai to Bangalore.. it took some 4 days for them to travel from Chennai to Bangalore and everytime we have to call them and take updates (which is always a lie uttered by some ***** persons there) sorry for harsh words but you can feel my experience and how it would have been for me.. Still expecting my consignments :( to be delivered tomorrow is the last update i have... Ppl please pray for me so that my consignment reaches in good shape.. Rajan

  • Sa
      13th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    SPEED packers n movers really sucks and these guys are unreliable. Please do not trust these guys they will take your things and commit you of easy and timely receipt. This really does not happen, they will charge you extra amounts to deliver your stuffs and even after payment they will not deliver your things as per their committed dates. "" SPEED has no speed at all, this is a BOGUS agency """""

    Sashikant Dash.

  • Gu
      4th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    Its my worst experience with chennai packers and movers. I booked chennai packers and movers for individual shipment vide consignemnt number 2724 on 22nd sept 11 from chennai. Expected delivery at hyd is 24th sept 11. Those idiots held my shipment becuase,
    they were waiting for combined shipment with some others luggage..which caused 3 day delay in delivery.
    Moreover, those three days, no personnel was responding properly . First day they responded giving some lame reasons like vehicle break down and
    from second day and third day, no one responded even to phone calls. Its a pathetic service they give.

    I along with my family (incl 2 yrd kid) moved to Hyderabad. 3 Days we stayed in relatives place because of no luggage.

    I have loaded ceiled LPG cylinder after confirmation from the office that they will ship the cylinder.
    While downloading the goods, I noticed that the cylinder is changed and empty cylinder is delivered.
    Upon questioning, they say that at checkpost, it was objected to carry full cylinder and hence empty cylinder is replaced, (Howcome all of sudden they get empty cylinder in the middle of the journey?) which is a sheer lie. B'cos my luggage is covered by anothers luggage, hence no chance of noticing that by check post authorities. Secondly even empty cylinder should not be accepted by checkpost authorities.

    They broke my showcase mirror and vehicle brake voque is broken.
    On the whole I recomment none to go with Chennai packers and movers to avoid unpleasant experience, and also for the safety of your belongings.

  • Ch
      28th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    I had very worst experience...they have taken insurance for the goods but they did not actually taken insurance...during shipment they have broken my bike petrol tank...& they are not picking my calls beware of Balaji, shanker, Madu...if you want to relocate any vehicles better use Indian railways...

  • Sa
      19th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    Hi, my name is sempath and no need to mention that I have the same horrowing experience with these unprofessional sons of prostitutes. I am yet to receive my goods (13 days passed till now from the committed delivery date as of now) and can tell the complete story once I receive my goods and I have almost made up my mind about the condition of my goods. is there anything that I can do at this stage to control the damage, , ???

  • Na
      27th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    I fully agree with the bad comments against CHENNAI PACKERS AND MOVERS, CHENNAI. I had bad experience with then. Their person came to my house and saw the articles and fixed amount. Subsequently they have packed and loaded with a delay of 1 day. and I paid 50% of charges. Subsequently I received a call from the Lorry driver that they are bringing articles and demanded balance amount of excess Rs.9000/- where as receipt issued to me and the receipt showed the lorry driver is different and showing TO PAY AMOUNT RS.15000/- INSTEAD OF MY RECEIPT IS SHOWING ONLY Rs.5000/- due. Articles transported was damaged a lot. Lorry originally loaded is different to transported. Almost all the articles transported was with damaged condition and they are not responding to my telephonic calls and e mails. I request you all the people who want to transport that their language not to engage thie fraud and 420 packers.- Narasaiah, Kakinada

  • Zu
      17th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    I did a mistake by selecting Chennai Packers and movers without doing my homework, it really is a bad luck for me to book them without reviewing these comments. I had booked a consignment with Chennai Packers and movers on the 3rd of December 2011 to be delivered from Chennai to Pune, they say it hardly takes 6-7 days max, got the full amount from me. Now its 2 weeks I have still not received the goods, when I called them those idiots are saying they waiting for more consignments to be combined to be sent to Pune, when asked why did they not inform about this while booking they have no answer, they answer the phone and tell different versions as where your good are, one day they say the vehicle has left yesterday itself, next day when I call they say it is still with them to combine the goods and deliver.Now after reading all these reviews it is a nightmare for me as to when they will deliver the good and what condition it will be in. This is seriously a denial of service that they are performing and these A******LES should be booked for fraud. I'm gonna post this to as much of review sites I would know of, no one should ever go for Chennai Packers and movers

  • Na
      17th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    this is 100% true and CHENNAI PACKERS AND MOVERS are fraud only. Their aim is to earn money without rendering service.

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