Checks Unlimited or 4Checks or Artistic Checks - the real company is unclearsubmitted payment 4 times and they still send me to collections - even though I never actually purchased from them?

I went through ebates to find checks that I could use my own images. I selected and paid online. I was really surprised when I got a bill from artistic checks - whom I had never heard of. I told them I already paid 4checks and the email bounced back - it was from a no-reply address. I went to their website - it did not look at all familiar - and emailed through there. I received no response. I received the checks I paid for and was surprised to see that it was not from 4checks but artistic checks. I emailed asking why, if they had not been paid, did they print the checks? My CC showed that I had paid. Time went on, I received a collections notice. I decided to do a claim on the amount I thought I was paying to 4checks. I talked to the collections guy, who took, my CC card and said all was well. That was 6 weeks ago. I received another collections notice!!! Apparently, 4checks is a clearinghouse which pushes orders to various other companies - but the hassle of paying 5 times total and getting harassed when I successfully placed my order via the internet is crazy. This had gone on from October of 2014 and I never once got a response from Artistic checks as I tried to sort out an issue of their own incompetence.

Feb 14, 2015

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