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Like many of you, my niece was taken advantage of by Charter College. She was led to believe that she could earn her bachelor degree in accounting. They lied. She was left with a an associate degree in accounting that is worthless and is not transferable to any other college. These kind of colleges are good for vocational training and that's it. They are not good for academic degrees and their credits are not transferable to any other college. They are FOR PROFIT and that is it. She is now in debt for over $20, 000 with a worthless degree and is having to start over at a community college. She could have gone to a community college for a fraction of the cost or for free with Pell Grants. Because of her student loans she is having problems getting grants to continue her education. When looking for a college, ask if they are REGIONALLY ACCREDITED or NATIONALLY ACCREDITED. You only want Regionally Accredited schools, Nationally Accredited schools are worthless.
Here is a partial list of places to file complaints. If enough of you file complaints, then you may get the attention of the authorities. This is your only hope of getting anything done. Be specific and professional when filing your complaint. Tell them how this has affected your life and that you are now in debt but be professional. File a written complaint with Charter at the same time.
For Washington Residents Only
Washington State Attorney General
Washington State Department of Education
For California Residents Only
Bureau for Private Post secondary Schools for California
California Department of Consumer Affairs
For Everyone
Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools

Mar 22, 2013
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      Mar 25, 2013

    We are disappointed to hear that your niece is dissatisfied with her Charter College experience and we are deeply concerned with your accusations that she was lied to by any of our representatives. We encourage her to contact her campus so that we may learn more about this situation.
    Additionally, the transferability of credits is at the complete discretion of the institution students wish to transfer to. We have had graduates successfully continue their education at other institutions.
    - Brandi, Charter College

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