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I feel the need to complain about the lack of afl coverage in western australia.
People in perth dont only want to see the eagles & docker games.
The only other games you seem to show in western australia are the bottom of the ladder teams.
Last week you showed the essendon vs hawthorn both teams had only won one game each,
When at the same time sydney & brisbane were playing with sydney on the top of the ladder & brisbane with the chance to move into top spot, how ridiculous. Show us all the games, I don't even care if its delayed but this is an australian sport that all australians should bed able to see & not showing all the games is
Totally un-australian.

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  • Ja
      14th of May, 2010

    Im peeved with channel 7's coverage of AFL in Brisbane... What is the point of paying for the rights to show the AFL games, when your put on stupid movies instead.. Tonight is FIRST vs SECOND, yet i have to have pay tv to view it... its going to be a ripper of a game, but channel 7 seem to believe that all fo Brisbane do not care.. fair enough if you dont broadcast it on 7, what about putting it on your second channel 7 station?
    Channel 7 broadcast games that are bottom of the table, or the brisbane lions. There are more teams in teh competition than the Brisbane lions, and no one wants to see games that are between teams that are on them bottom of the ladder.

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  • Te
      18th of May, 2010

    Why do you bother with AFL when you obviously don't want anyone to view it?
    Top of the table clashes ignored week after week.
    How do you expect to gain any respect as sprots telecaster?

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  • My
      21st of May, 2010

    I wish channel 10 would just buy all the football so at least it would be live on oneHD. Channel 7 are a pathetic joke. They broadcast 3 channels but none of them will be showing the football...

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  • Au
      1st of Jul, 2011

    Channel 7. What a joke, to have the AFL game advertised all week and then not show it. It is a disgrace. I'm that angry right now it is beyond words. I have organised my friends to come around solely to watch this game as my friends are supporters of the Melbourne Demons and your general lack of AFL coverage prevents them watching their team. No wonder people are turning to pay TV at least they show their games that they have the rights to live. There are three channels that channel 7 currently are using and you do not put the telecast of the AFL on any till 11:30 at night. Instead you show a B grade children's movie. I have to say it again, WHAT A JOKE. I will not be watching any of your programing again. Channel 7 = JOKE

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