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the commentary team @ Etihad stadium for the Richmond v WCE today were a disgrace, how dare they barrack & push WCE game ahead of the opposition there were 2 teams out there today, Dennis Cometti was so pro WCE the only thing he missed was his Eagle scarf & his weak little followers Bruce McAvaney & Tim Watson cannot even make independent assessments it was pathetic, I was so angry by the end of the game, & don't know if they realised there were more players on the ground than Daniel Kerr. Eagles were bigger stronger than the Tigers which in the end was probably why they won, we can accept losing but you go back & listen to these ###s & see how one sided they were, IT WAS AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE.
They don't deserve to be broadcasting if they cannot do it without bias

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  • Ja
      4th of Aug, 2012

    Just watching the derby - Freo v Eagles - you would think only the Eagles were playing. All negative comments about Freo, they were even joking during a Freo goal instead of commentating. Who do they think they are? Why can't they commentate a match in an unbiased way? Isn't that their job/profession that they are paid for. I for one hate having to watch Channel 7 and listen to the commentators who can't see beyond their own importance and seem to insist on putting their own personal preferences into the commentry. No on is interested in the team they would prefer to win. Get it Channel 7 ??

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  • Da
      14th of Sep, 2012

    Why do 7 persist with pathetic camera angles. Too close, too far away, ground level, also replays as game goes on. They are hopeless. You would think after 40 years or so they would improve instead of getting worse. Pathetic.

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  • No
      12th of Jul, 2014

    If jube Watson is an expert comments person send him to toast masters to teach him not to say so many ums and aahs. It sounds ridiculous. I also. Agree about Friday night commentators, Wayne Carey is hopeless and the team are to busy carrying on with bull dust and missing the game. Also Bruce with stupid comments about a player has nice legs, or fluffy rain. He's been on to long. Give him his watch.

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  • Vp
      18th of Jun, 2015

    Sooo sick of McLachlan s biased commentary in the Hawks Adelaide game tonight. It's bad enough listening to mcavaneys inane comments but McLachlans ego takes the cake. Spoilt the game for me. Thank god for Richo! Always fair.

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