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My grandmother had gotten electric service changed over from reliant to Champion energy, she then decided being that she is 83 and getting to where she really couldn't get around that well anymore. she discontinued service with this company and moved to Louisiana. A lady by the name of Shiela White contacted me through my e-mail (which I provided when my grandmother signed up) and basically accused me of ..See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Crosby, TX"Using her name for my electric bill" by making the statement that this brings questions about why my e-mail was listed on her account and asking me right out if my grandmother even knew of the delinquent bill I had left behind, in which case the reason my grandmother couldn't pay the amount was due to a $400 light bill that her SS check just wouldn't cover. Now I can prove that all of her bills were paid with her bank, and the bank manager can verify that my grandmother personally authorized these transactions. My e-mail was given because she doesn't have one and we had used my computer to sign up at which time they asked for one so we gave them mine. I think this lady was so rude especially since Champion energy is supposed to care so much about their customers. Just know that they really only care about you when you are giving them all of your hard earned money !


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