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We read alot lately in the news about people not taking their medication and then they go out and do horrible things. I wonder why they do not take their meds, is their story like mine, someone who is trying desperately to take her medication and all I get is closed doors in trying to get it. I am on cobra since 06/01/09 I received my forst invoice mid July and made the 1st payment by UPS on 07/21/09. The cobra invoice states you have a 31 day timeframe to make a payment. I went to get my generic effoxor and generic lamitical on 08/05/09 and was told you was to have made the payment prior to using services. I called Ceredian my cobra company and I was told that it is the decision of your former employer Kaiser Permanente not to give you services before we receive payment. I went to medicaid and was told since you have applied for social security disability we cannot assist you. When i went to the county i was informed of a 6 week wait before you can see a dr who can prescribe meds. I called my provider at Kaiser who informs she she would sign a voucher for Kaiser to give me my meds but could not sign the paperwork from the companies who provide free meds because that is against Kaiser policy. I called the Patient Business Office for Kaiser and left a message as to what the dr said. She called me back and stated the pharmacy would get back to me and i am still waiting.If you are wondering why I do not have a job. I went out on short term disability and had a total knee replacement while I was out. Kaiser let me go stating it was a voluntary resignation because i did not come back when my fmla ran out although I had documentation showing I was in a Inpatient Rehab Facility (Laurel Springs) at the time. As you can see I have tried so many avenues and each time I get the door shut in my face. I have had heart bypass surgery, I am a insulin dependant diabetic, I am bipolar, I had my hip replaced I will pay my cobra but can only pay the 3rd week of the month.

If these people who are not taking their meds are going thru anything like what i am going thru. I fell sorry for them and understand.

Patricia N. Brown


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      Jun 04, 2010

    I'm having same type problem. Ceridian not telling my insurance provider I've paid my premium ($407 a month), consequently I'm not able to get my meds until about 2 weeks have lapsed and I'm off meds by then. Insurance, especially Ceridian/COBRA is a rip off.

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