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Clinton, MT, United States Review updated:

I am writing as a concerned consumer, regarding the practice of the employees at Eagle Satellite Cellular One. During the first weekend in April they set up a tent in Clinton to gather new customers. Customers who were losing their cellular coverage from AT&T and also stating that they have better signals and service than Verizion all at a cheaper monthly price.

They promised me better signals, less dropped calls, in my area and in town. This is not true, I've contacted their National Customer Service, and it's a "known" issue with the weak or no signal service the company provides in multiple locations throughout Missoula County. The customer service agents I have spoken to, only offer an appology and advised me to make my calls outside. I asked them how this would be possible in the cold Missoula winters. To that, I got an "I dont know" responce.

They also promised me a $200 Pre-Paid card to "pay off" Verizion's ECF. They stated the card would take 60 days to reach me, and to date I still have not received my pre-paid card. I have also contacted the local office, left several unreturned messages, and the National Call Center to check on the status of this card. At the end of June, I was told the card was processed and mailed out on June 17th, and I should be recieing it any day. I called again today to check on the status of the card, and am now being told they have run out of them. When I questioned how they could offer something and them run out of them, the agent corrected herself and said they are running behind.

During the time I signed up at the Promotional Tent, I asked about summer travel, if we needed to leave the state of Montana. I was told "No Problem!" you have unlimited talk and text. for 2 weeks before my 12 year old daughter was set to go to California to visit her grandparents, I called and left messages and I also spoke with the customer service department again. At this point I was told that I would need to purchase a $69.99 plan for my daughters phone, and could not get my promotion back once I made the change. They did advise that I could add 100 "roaming" minutes to the current plan for $9.99 but this would only cover 100 minutes, after that, there would be a $0.30 per minute charge. I attempted to conact the local office and speak with the lady who sold me the phone, but she was never available nor would she return my calls. Each time I spoke with someone in the local office, I was told to dial 611 from my cell phone.

The contract had a 14 day period for you to like the product and cancel without penalty. Unfortunatly, Cellular One took 11 of those days to perform the port of my Verizion Phone to my new CellOne phone. During this "waiting" period, I could only receive calls on my Verizion phone, the CellOne phone only worked for Text Messages. This only left me 3 days to test the phone and see if I was happy with the service. I have called the customer service center about this issue as well, and they stated that it was Verizion fault and that I should contact them. Verizion stated their port service happens as quickly as the information is submitted to them. CellOne had no responce for me on this arguement that Verizion had.

I am now in a 30 month commitment, and when I've called to point out each and everyone of the issues listed above, agent argue with me and tell me there is nothing they can or will do about this and if I cancel my account, I will be charge $250 per line. Which on the paper work signed by me during the Tent Promotion, the sales rep crossed out a $175 ECF amount and hand wrote $250 on the form.

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  • Mo
      Jun 03, 2013

    Cellular Ones phone coverage in Bozeman, Montana is spotty at best. Stay away from this company. They tell you what you want to hear and promise to fix things so that you can get better coverage, but nothing changes. Wasted lots of time on the phone with them trying to find out why my calls are dropped or don't go through at all. They cannot provide me with the service that was promised, but still want to charge me a $250 termination fee. Buyer Beware and Stay Away from Cellular One!!!

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