Cedar Point / overcharged on ride pass and cold floor at water park

Harmonsburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Ok I already texted twice but no answer or sorry or drop dead. First when we arrived on aug 7 I was checking in and they advised me of a after four price of 29.99 I purchased three and since my husband was not their at the time I asked if he bought one at the gate will he be charged the same price and they said yes... Well he was charged full price not even senior citizen... Yes I have the receipt... Number two was my husband and I went to water park the next day... We purchased food at what looked like a cafeteria. That was ok however the food was absolutely cold... If a state person had come in to check out the temperature of the food you would have absolutely failed. I saw no one checking for temps or anything. I have worked in places where you must have correct temp for food... Chicken planks were crispy outside but chicken absolutely cold.. Waffle fries cold... Mac and cheese looked like it was there for days... Was charged way way to much for this food esp when you had to get yourself... I do not mind paying for food that is good... This was not...

Sep 22, 2017

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