Cbi*kromtechExorbitant charge

In December of 2014 I did my annual computer clean-up with MacKeeper. In the process I discovered that my computer had accumulated one or more viruses. I talked on the phone with a MacKeeper rep about the problem. He walked me through the clean-up process, which went very well. Then he convinced me that I needed continuing MacKeeper supervision to prevent any additional viruses from infecting my computer. I agreed and he said I would have coverage for a year. He charged me a modest amount for the initial computer clean-up and said there would be an additional charge. He didn't tell me how much it would cost. I assumed we were talking about $50-$100. Today I paid my DiscoverCard bill for the month and noticed a charge of almost $400 from CBI*KROMTECH. I am shocked. Had I known the cost I would not have agreed to the additional coverage.

Feb 12, 2015

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