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I worked with them many years and they don't put in practice one of their value statement treat people with respect. They dont respect their employees rights. They are very abusive, specially the HR Clara Martinez who did whatever she wants and her supervisor protect her. She violate employees rights using intrigues, lies and manipulation. Also, HUD Director, Stacie Jacobs who is destoying HUD program with a deficient management, having the high turn over ever.

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  • Cc
      10th of Nov, 2013

    Catholic Charities Diocese of St Petersburg, Inc
    1213 16 St North
    St Petersburg, Fl 33705
    727-893-1314 x269
    727-893-9154 (Direct Fax)

    This organizations lacks professionalism, has unethical practices, allows maintenance to steal from residents, the Director
    from HUD properties that claims to be a nun is disrespectful, does not have knowledge of her current job and using profanity as part of her communication. Clara Martinez is rude, is part of conducting bad business and everyone in the organization is aware of this, including Dan Murphy. They are all pathetic, abusive to their employees and residents. Once you no longer work for the organization, they use defamation of character. I do not recommend working here, this organization needs to be investigated!!!

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  • Ya
      24th of Jun, 2014

    I agree with this. Clara Martinez and Catholic Charities don't put in practice one of their value statement treat people with respect. They don't respect their employees rights. They are very abusive. Martinez do whatever she wants and her supervisor, Mark Dufva, Executive Director, protect her. She violates employees rights using intrigues, lies and manipulation. There is no employee that could stay long working for Clara Martinez, everyone, except some of their friends (that were moved to another position) is being fired or their contracts are being terminated. This Organization, with Their management must be investigated soon.

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  • Jo
      20th of Sep, 2017

    "This is a great company they are all caring and respectful. If you do what you are hired to do and you are caring and respectful to clients and others if you don't do what you were hired to do or you do inappropriate things of course you will be terminated or have write ups, so if you are saying this about a great company it must be because you were not good employee and that will happen in any company, so it is not the company but you that don't do right to clients or residents or others. If you know about stealing thing probably you were the one doing it.

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  • Re
      14th of Jan, 2019

    Worst company ever! Clara Martinez is rude, unethical, abusive, liar, unprofessional and violating laws that protect employees. Pam Nolan nor the rest of the zoo that works for catholic charities are much better. Stay away, working for them is like working for the devil.

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