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“Document B”
It appears that my still pending August 19, 2008, complaints (Incident#1 & Incident#2) against the Cathedral City Police Department (CCPD) have failed to accomplish the intended objective which should have put an immediate STOP to the unprovoked and deliberate attacks of harassment against me. Now harassment Incident#3 has occurred even though CCPD’s Investigator Lieutenant Laura Hanlon is in the midst of an official inquiry into my previous harassment complaints (See attached previously filed August 19, 2008 complaint documents labeled, “Document A”, “Incident #1: Racial Profiling”, and “Incident#2: Police Harassment Due to Calling 911 on Fellow Police Officer Who I Accused of Racial Profiling”).

The most recent incident of harassment occurred on November 22, 2008, at about 4:49am, which CCPD conspired with residents who—living at home address 31020 San Eljay, Cathedral City, CA 92234 (hearafter referred to as “31020 San Eljay”)—allowed three CCPD police officers to use their property as a “stake-out”.

The CCPD officers’ conspiracy was to falsely activate the resident’s home alarm surveillance system between the hours of 4:45am to 5:00am with the sole purpose to harass me (See attached complaint labeled, “Incident#3: Sophisticated Home Video Security System Records Undeniable Proof That The Cathedral City Police Department Used Home Address 31020 San Eljay As A ‘Stake-Out’ With the Intent to Further Harass Me Due To My Still Pending August 19, 2008, Complaints Titled ‘Incident #1: Racial Profiling’ and ‘Incident#2: Police Harassment Due to Calling 911 on Fellow Police Officer Who I Accused of Racial Profiling’ ”).

Quite obviously, this 3rd Incident of harassment by CCPD is no mere coincidence for the following reasons: (1) 31020 San Eljay is located just 278 feet (less than a half a block) west of my girlfriend’s house and lies directly in my “to and from” walking path, (2) Over a three year period, neither I nor my girlfriend--who lives less than 278 feet away from this home--have NOT once heard this home alarm security system “going-off”, and (4) Most importantly, the timing of this incident occurs, almost exactly, at the same time that I normally would leave my girlfriend’s house and about the same time I previously accused CCPD with Incidents #1 & #2.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Cathedral City, CANotably, the odds of this alarm “going-off” around the same time as my previous two incidents with the CCPD are astronomical!
Similarly, the degree of suspicion involving this incident is enormous since: I initially did not hear an alarm sounding, did not see any inside house lights turned-on, did not see any outside security floodlights turned-on, did not see any residents inside the home scrambling about as if their burglar alarm has just activated, and--most importantly--I did not see any police officers with flashlights vigorously searching outside the perimeter of the property for a suspected burglar. For these reasons, I applaud CCPD’s choice in selecting this particular home to use for their elaborate but ill-conceived conspiracy plan because any person who lives or has lived in this community knows that 31020 San Eljay is a centerpiece in the neighborhood with its impressive size and its quite sophisticated home alarm surveillance system which has the capacity to capture high-resolution video, to log precise date & time stamps, to store months of recorded information on its computer hard drive, etc. With this information, I propose to validate my allegations and proofs (See attached document labeled, “Allegations & Proofs”). To be more visually illustrative, a daytime photograph by Google Inc.--with smaller inset photo--clearly depicts 31020 San Eljay advanced surveillance system (See attached photograph labeled, “Exhibit A-Still Cameras, 360 Degree Cameras, Motion Detectors, Floodlights” and inset photograph labeled, “Exhibit A-Early Morning”).
To conclude, this 3rd incident of unprovoked harassment has left me emotionally distressed, traumatized, and filled with anxiety in knowing that a possible future incident of CCPD harassment may leave me either severely physically injured or dead. In addition, this sporadic but continual harassment against me is a clear violation of my civil rights.
Therefore, I request a full investigation into this 3rd incident of police misconduct & harassment.
I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Cc: U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Washington, D.C.
Cc: NAACP, National Headquarters, Baltimore, Maryland.
Cc: ACLU Campaign against Police Misconduct, NY, New York.
Cc: Riverside County, Attorney General, Edmund G. Brown Jr.
Cc: Riverside County, Public Defender, Gary Windom.
Cc: City Manager of Cathedral City, Donald Bradley.
Cc: Cathedral City, Police Chief, Stan Henry.
Cc: Personal Files.


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