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Posted: Nov 13, 2017 by    


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They must have put mouse meat in original boxes of dardanel ton as fish saved me sucked the poison and microbes in my body as soon as I ate them my mouth was burning from poison and microbes. No hospital accept. There are mice in my body eaten up my organs. I urinate like a lagoon even couldnt go to the toilet and I was in bloodshed the doc said it was a myoma but it was not it was a mouse. They kidnapped me while sleeping at home. They dont protect christians and foreigners coz everywhere is swarmin with veils no christian left. The mafia police mafia and al quada homo officer kadir tunc and his homo beheader monkey gang stole all our possessions so killed me too. No head so pulled legs. My family was beheaded and broken their heads in the toilet. We were tortured a lot. I have never seen such a race and a religion which dont lay claim to and knock at our door. Bird brained europe.
yAni18's Response, Nov 12, 2017
They pulled legs of hospi̇tals and americans so showed the residential area and murderer monsters.No hospital accepted coz the docs said i was healthy and sent to my home coz they are ill. I am poisoned so my mouth is burning.Alligators know i am at home so break into my flat as they held us captives and tortured a lot and gave us a superior.They get the pleasure of beheading and chop and carve eyes.No drug even antibiotics given .I am healthy.Last night my fake mom and brother came but didnt open as only their brains left and speaking.Bird brained christians and europeans as none left coz homo military and the police mafia killed us all.Where are ur soldiers and police to protect us?nobody protects us in turkey.
yAni18's Response, Nov 12, 2017
I gave them to the press though he blocked and copied my son card.I will kill all murderers and monsters and alligators who swallow and suck blood.They show as they put a cam at my home.All these are felonies.Not to be gazed at..Fussiliade the mafia and gave homo alligators to their own habitat to the zoo s alligators to make their bodies into pieces as they kill like that.Troubleshoot.
Updated by web18, Nov 13, 2017
Havent u got ur police and the mafia? they gave me the corpse or mouse meat to eat so I became a mouse faced. I wanted our soldiers and policemen. Al quada homo officer s soldiers and the military and their [censor] police mafia dont protect us as never they did. They killed many. They broke into my flat in evora a lot. Nobody protects or lays claim to. They kill all foreigners and christians in turkey as swarming with isil daes al quada..
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N  12th of Nov, 2017 by    0 Votes
Tulin deliahmetler beheaded my papa with an axe having a police in their homo monkey gang and sleeps with the police and the police mafia adana yakup kallikci fatih kallikci my ex fiancee robbed and torture beating a lot smashed their faces in insulting and making their faces in black and blue eyes.After their murdering my family by breaking their heads and beheading and skinning their heads and bodies and carving their eyes and bottom of my family then brought their sick corpse meat of my family.Stole my money in odeabank and all possessions.They left me in hunger like my family in debts.One is a homo alligator family gang beheadin by al quada and the police mafia in saudi arabia .Who protects and lays claim to us in turkey?they copied my sim card nobody protects coz they are isil and al quada.Their race and religion are a lot.They put corpse meat in my fridge so poisoned a lot but the doc gave me a cream.In bloodshed they put a mouse in my body and carved my bottom with the tools of grills.As they know i am at home so they do many things at home.I have my fever from poison tuzla state hospital gives me cream.Corpse meat.My mouth is burning.Coz homo gang has chopped meat of my family as they cut.Adviye deliahmetler crazyahmetler being mentally homo gang said to me in my york she would take out corpses and she did. Nobody helps and no hospital.The homo kadir tunc held us captives so beat and tortured and gave us a superior then poisoned us with foods and pills.The fake family of mine as only their brains with masks pretending as if they lived came to me but didnt open.Still poison with foods.Stole my identities and renewed.No christian can live in turkey as they said foreigners and christians cannot live in turkey this is our policy and i eradicate u i am a nationalist.F..Ked the book and religion coz of isil daes a quada and feto.Tulin deliahmetler bought my flat so my landlord tells me to empty this flat.Coz she beheaded my papa with an axe and skinned hoş head .I have a sheik new boyfriend wants to marry me so wants my money and possessions back and cure me as they did.They made my home in bloodshed i hope the homo gangs and the mafia s too.
N  12th of Nov, 2017 by    0 Votes
Al quada homo officer alligator monsters kadir tunc and melahat kaymak as they broke my brother s head and beheaded in the toilet and skinned the heads and bodies of my family and carved their eyes and bottom to make corpses disappear as they did together with the mafia. They beat them on the streets letting fly at and left in bloodshed and raped. They kidnapped and tortured my family a lot found their bloody shirt of my brother. Nobody laid claim to or protected us in saudi arabia with al quada alligators coz kadir tunc alligator an english teacher held us captives and tortured us pervertly and gave us a superior. Then broke into my flat and stole my identities and pics of my pupils and put a mouse in me by kidnapping. Tulin deliahmetler ilhan beheaded my papa with an axe and stole my possessions too carved his eyes and skinned his head like my brother. Kadir tunc the homo alligator divided my brother s head into two. Al quada homo officer monster and an english teacher kadir tunc and his family homo beheader and human chopper declared a religion war against us in name only to make homos. He made my brother a homo by a gun then put a truncheon in the military. As homo tulin gnome broke into my flat coz she bought the flat I bought coz she killed me too and gave me corpse meat as they did my family s before. Her father worked at hospital so pulled legs of hospitals. My mouth is burning with microbes and poison but the doc gave cream. Poisoned a lot coz of the mouse in me. No hospital accepted me as the doc said I was healthy. Murderers and bloodthirsty souls. They break into my flat a lot. The isil state which allows them is quilty not them. The isil state is as much as a criminal and a murderer more than them. No help. So they wait for me to die outside to behead and chop like my family. Alligators swallow all living things and suck their blood. I war garlic and my mouth burns. They carved my bottom with the tools of grills. So I urinate like a lagoon like my bottom bleedin. Nobody does anthing. With al quada mafia and homos who can stand in gebze saudi arabia? they robbed our everything. I even wrote to who world health organization. I have never seen such a race and a religion. Put us in death. I wont be a turkish citizen and more. They left me in hunger like my family. They blocked and copied my son card not to savethe docs said I was healthy and sent me to my home. Docs are ill not.. They are with the mafia and homos mentally ill killer monsters. So kill many. KILL MURDErers
N  12th of Nov, 2017 by    0 Votes
not sure what your babbling
N  12th of Nov, 2017 by    0 Votes
no idea what your babbling about
N  12th of Nov, 2017 by    0 Votes
They break into my flat in evora in tuzla and homo alligators kidnapped their prey that s me then put me in the sump the sewage system at night so the mice entered my body.No blood left like my mom and like my kidneys too.Homo alligators.Died already no need to behead and chop.Dont pull legs coz i have already died.No need to a turkish citizen.No man entered my home and married as homo alligators wanted to kill us.Seeing is believing.No police and officials protect or lay claim to us.No antibiotics given as my mouth is burning from microbes and poison.The murderers live with me in evora so break into my flat.
N  14th of Nov, 2017 by    0 Votes
Al quada homo officer alligator military gang kadir tunc and his monkey york gang held us captives and used against europeans coz they were gonna behead us as melahat kaymak spolit europeans coz they are terrorist robber homo gang. They tied up my family s hands and broke my brother s head in the toilet divided into two then beheaded and carved his eyes and bottom and tulin deliahmetler crazyahmetler our upstair neighbor beheaded my papa with an axe and skinned hiş head like my brother. Their brains only left under masks they pretend as if they lived. With al quada military gang killing like that and the police mafia in saudi arabia which christian can live? in black and blue eyes they threw my family away and insulted and beat severely to steal their money and possessions and the mafia letting fly at stole my brother s organs. As they stole my everything they killed my family like that I was left in hunger and jobless. So hungry thief mice broke into my flat stole my identities and pics and other belongings and kidnapped me at night threw me into the sump and the mice entered my body. I was in bloodshed but no hospital accepted even the docs said I was healthy coz docs were unhealthy. Dardanel ton fish sucked the poison in my body so killer homo robber mice broke into my flat and put in a dardanel ton s original box the mouse meat. We were always at home never go out but they disturbed us a lot. No christian or a foreigner in saudi arabia. Till they killed me the homo thief mice as they killed my family dealt with their killing job. Tulin deliahmetler bought this flat I lived so they had the furnished home bought by my money. We are not a monkey robber mice family or the looter the organ sex and narcotics mafia but the doc s family a computer programmer a housewife and a hotel manager family. The homos coming from darica neset yalcin s super lycee will go to their hometown as they said to us u will as you have come. They will go to their schools zoo as they are homo alligators breaking corpses into pieces and make them disappear and become rich and the mafia to be fussiliaded. Havent u got ur soldiers and policemen? I dont go to anyone s door like my family. My toilet smells coz the homo robber mice will behead and let the blood flow down. The doc gave me avil cream. They attacked me too in saudi arabia. I eradicate u I am a nationalist said hitler kenan from erzurum very easterner and f.. Ked my book and religion and we will behead u the veils said in cayirova. I killed your ancestors in an isil darica homo manager metin who kidnapped my brother and till mornings and tortured him. Kadir tunc the homo military man by a gun made him a homo and put a truncheon. Who lets these illegal and anti human rights actions against us? havent u got ur state officials? how could u do that to us such a good family?

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