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I've seen the complaints, and am mad at myself for not googling CastleRock earlier! I won't go on about my complaint - the same thing everyone has been experiencing. What I will do though, is share what I'm doing to cancel, and what luck or info I may find regarding getting out of the contract, or bothering CastleRock enough to get them to drop me as a customer. Unfortunately, right now, I'm stuck like all of you - but here's what I'm doing to ensure I'm out at the end of this crazy year extension!

1. My written cancellation request.

I looked into this a little, and I can cancel 12 months ahead of time. The 30 day time limit is a "minimum" time limit, nothing says I can't do it now, and the representative reluctantly agreed that I could do it now.

In your letter, be sure to include the following:

-Acount number
-Sentence stating you wish to to cancel by the end date of your contract
-Print your name
-Include your signature
-Date your request
-email your request (a scanned image I'm assuming) [protected]
-or fax your request to [protected]

On a personal note, I plan to email (with delivery receipt and read receipt) and I plan to fax (and retain confirmation), and I plan to obtain a physical address to cend certified mail with return signature receipt.

I urge everyone to start the process now, not wait until 30 days prior, and at least through the appearance of a massive loss of future revenue, this company may finally get the point!

By the way CastleRock - if you're reading, my name is Greg Krause - guess what finger I'm holding up!

All - I'll continue to post any success I find.


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      Jan 20, 2010
    Castlerock Security - Cancellation and Billing
    CastleRock Security
    United States

    I too as many others purchased a security system from another vendor and when my 36 months was up I waited a couple of months to cancel. They told me that it auto-rolled and I would have to continue for another year. On top of that in December they charged me $48.70 then a few days later they charged to my card $6.48 then a couple of weeks later they charged my card for $38.50, and yet again they charged me another $6.48 and then on my normal billing for January they billed me another $48.70. So they over-billed me the $38.50 and two charges for $6.48 for no reason. I can't cancel for a year and no they are just randomly making charges to my card for no services rendered. They won't allow you to change your billing from auto-pay to sending me a bill. I guess my only course of action is to cancel my card and I am sure they will bill me then. This is the worst security company in the world!!! They are supposed to be protecting us and they are the real criminals.

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      May 11, 2010
    Castlerock Security - Auto Renewal
    CastleRock Security
    United States

    My account was sold by Pinnacle to CastleRock, and I wanted to cancel it. The alarm is never used at my house, and it seems ridiculous that I should pay for a service when I never use it. My contract was up April 20th. When I called to cancel I was told that my contract auto-renewed and I could not cancel.

    This seems a bit ridiculous to me in the fact that I hardly even knew that the account had been sold, and I was certainly never told that it would auto-renew. That was never part of the original contract that I was told about.

    For months now I have been getting warnings from the company telling me that emails, phone calls and house calls have been perpetrated by a group of fraudulent individuals, hoping to gain my password or account information. In that process how was I to know what was actually from Castle Rock and what was not? Their customer service representative seemed to think that I should have heeded the phone calls made to me and called them back. Hmmmm, why would I do that when I had received fraudulent phone calls?

    So in the process of all this they managed to rook me into another year of service. I even asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that he could see if one was available, but that they would tell me the same thing.


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      Aug 05, 2010 this is the address of the CastleRock Security Complaint Forum, if enough people use it, it will beat castlerock's own site on search engine query's of "CastleRock Security"

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      Aug 05, 2010 this is the address of the CastleRock Security Complaint Forum, if enough people use it, it will beat castlerock's own site on search engine query's of "CastleRock Security"

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      Oct 13, 2010
    Castlerock Security - Automatic Renewal/Won't terminate contract
    CastleRock Security
    United States

    We were sold a Security System from GE Firstline. Thinking it was a GE company we thought it was a trustworthy company and went with the subscription. Our account has since been sold to SAI and then to castlerock without our permission. We agreed to a 2 year contract but the company now automatically renewed the service from Aug 2017 for another year- even though we have been calling them since May 2017 constantly asking them to cancel. we have since even moved out of the house and are not interested in this service, dont use it, dont want it and dont want to deal with this company.

    They use all kinds of tactics to deny our cancellation.
    1. When we called them to cancel in May 2017, they claimed they need a fax cancellation per the contract. I faxed them a cancellation.
    2. When I called to check in July 2017 (this is again before my contract expired), they said they did not receive the cancellation. I asked my IT dept to pull the fax records and it showed their fax line was busy. How can a company insist on receiving communication by fax and then have their fax machine busy. It is not my fault if their machine cant handle multiple faxes at the same time. I cant keep tabs on all the faxes our office sends. Most companies have a way to handle multiple incoming faxes.
    3. I again refaxed the cancellation on Jul 30, 2017 almost 2 weeks before my current contract expired. They now said I was supposed to have faxed in the cancellation atleast 30 days in advance of the contract expiring and that I had missed the deadline and my contract was automatically renewed for 1 year. Seriously? Why would the company need my cancellation 30 days in advance and even if I missed it, isn't 1 month's charge a fair penalty. why would you force me to use your service which I dont need for another year?

    I complained through BBB and got a form response. Trying though the AG now.

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