castle couture / dress not delivered as promised

Contact information:
Phone: 732-617-1414

Buyer beware! Ordered a dress for my mom on 3/3/12 for a 3/24/12 party. Kept asking about the dress, then I was finally told told on 3/20 that it would not arrive on time. I kept asking them if they were sure that they would be able to deliver it on time with the alterations and everything and they didn’t even bother to call the manufacture and confirm the ship date. But who cares anyway. If they made it happen then they would have had a sale and if not, well then they were not at fault. I asked them how they can do that, but they explained that they were not at fault. They did a favor for me for ordering the dress. And it was our own fault for not ordering the dress sooner. Why not say that in the first place. Why even attempt do order a dress on short notice. My mom can get a dress off the rack but what if it was your wedding dress or what if she could get it off the rack but they left her with no time to even have it altered.

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