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I received a call at work today from a gentleman with a very thick accent and he told me that I was a prime suspect in a fraud case and charges have been filed against me. He said I could take care of the payment today and the proceedings would be stopped. I told him I never took out a payday loan. He had my address, the name of my employer and the name of my banking institute. He wanted a good number to reach me and I wouldn't give him one. I told him to stop calling my work number and hung up. He immediately called right back and asked why I had hung up on him. I told him I was at work and I am not allowed to receive calls. I told him if I lost my job because of him I would have his A_ _ and I hung up again. I then received a call on my cell phone and I didn't answer. A msg was left and I saved it. I was given a number to call and to ask to speak with David Jones. In the message this so called Mr. Jones said this message is extremely time sensitive and if I do not call back the only thing he could do is wish me good luck because of the nature of this business. I did call back and they didn't even know a Mr David Jones at first. Then conveniently, I just so happenend to be speaking with him. I told him I had never taken a payday loan and I wanted to know how he had gotten my cell phone number since I had just talked to him on my work phone and he didn't have another number to reach me (scarry). He just kept saying that I had taken a loan out in 2008 and ran with the money. He said with late payments, interest and their fee I now owe over $5, 000. I asked who he was with and how much money I supposedly took and he said he was the lawyer and he didn't know the $ amount I had originally took out. I asked why I never received an e-mail, notification in the mail or a phone call until now and he again avoided the question. I asked why they didn't identify themselves or the law firm when I called and he did not answer. He said they would be downloading the charges at 11am today and two police officers would be coming to my work to get me and take me to court. I told him to bring it on because I never took out a loan and they would have to prove that I did. I hung up and haven't heard back today but we will see what happens tomorrow.


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  • Ka
      Jan 15, 2009

    I borrowed money and was not clearly directed on how it would be paid back. They demanded I pay half then finally I could break my payments down to four payments. I did that and now I have one more payment of nearly $500. That makes my payments more than what I borrowed period. I said I wanted to check out my statements and I was bullied into setting up the extra payment. I will never do business with them and I will let everyone I know about this sham. This company should be shut down.

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  • Nw
      Jun 30, 2009

    I am having the same problem and I do not know what to do they jusy keep calling my job. Every time I ask them where the are calling from the get rude and do not share info with me. The keep calling asking to speak with my manger. If I do not let them speak with them, they will keep calling until I lose my job. I need help to find out what this is all about I do not know where to begin.

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  • Po
      Jul 28, 2009

    I too received my first call yesterday at work and on my personal phone from a man with a heavy foreign accent claiming that I owed $800 from a payday loan and told me that I would be arrested by the sheriff department for fraud and theft by deception. The man kept calling me a thief. When I asked for a fax with more information of course they wouldn't provide that, and when I asked for specific loan dates, etc. they couldn't give me any accurate information. The background noise was terrible and the phone connection was distorted. The voices all sounded to be from Iran, Pakistan, or India. The phone numbers that showed up are as follows: [protected], [protected], and [protected]. I paid to look up information on one of the phone numbers but it came back without really much information. No names or anything. I'm upset, frustrated and scared all in one. I am hoping that if enough people talk about it, we can stop these heartless scam artists from doing this to anyone else. It's not right to have to feel violated, which is what I feel now. It seems in this day and time, nothing is sacred anymore and so many people out there do not have morals.

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  • No
      Jul 19, 2010
    CashNet - scam
    United States

    I recieved a call on my way home from work from a guy with a different accent said i had a lawsuit against me from cashnet said he was from the lawoffice of cashnet and said i could pay 402.00 out of court settlement and from what i read this place has called other people i told him i never heard of cashnet and he had all information what should i do

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  • Yv
      Oct 28, 2010
    CashNet - Trying to extort money from me
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I got a call from someone with a heavy accent, stating their name was Gary Miller. He was stating from what I could understand, I had gotten a payday loan and now it's in default. He was going to file papers today if I didn't give my debit or credit card information in the amount of $500.00. He also stated I would be liable for $5000.00 penalty if I did not resolve today.

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  • Ea
      Feb 07, 2011
    CashNet - loan
    United States

    I applied for loan through cashnet and was denied a couple of months ago! I receive a message today stating I am in trouble for different charges and may be arrested!The person called me an said dont speak until he was finished reading the charges for borrowing money and fraud! I never even received one dime! Threatening! Supposedly called from colorado!

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  • Ai
      Dec 23, 2014

    Made payments over 1000.00 dollars within 3 months and payoff still 958.00 (interest and fees over 700.00 . Only credit posted 300.00.

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