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CashCall, Inc. / cashcall will stress you out!

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Well just like lot of people out their we to got a loan from this company, cash call has become our worst nightmare, we have been with them for 1yrs and within the year of being with them they took my money, out of my account 3times after they got paid. Took their time giving it back. Of course my bank charged me overdraft fee. Call them, they said I'm crazy but they took my money, lied every time i called to ask about giving us back our money. This went on until i went to my bank and told them what this company did, we blocked them out of our account because they was making my other bills bounce and i wasn't having that, so they got blocked out of my ck account so i do money grams. Now these people put us behind in our bills and we still haven't caught up, yet they never even said that they were sorry, they didn't care this is the worst company that i ever came in contact with. I start document phone records time and dates names if i can number they called from sometimes they block their number, they start call from 8am to 9pm all day sometimes, they don't even say anything or they just hang up, i ask for a bill they wont even send a bill like most company make you wonder. Mmm why is this company getting away with this outrages fee, they pray on the working class poor i said poor because even though we all work some of us live pay ck to pay ck and they prey on the poor this company knew before they gave all of us a loan they knew if you had slow payment history or good paying history if their is a class action suit against them count me in just for stress and harassment something has to be done about this company.

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  • Va
      23rd of Oct, 2007
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    CashCall, Inc. - Harassed by Cash Call and I'm not even a customer!
    United States

    To Whom It may Concern,

    I am at my wits end over this company called Cash Call. I was used as a reference by my sister who took out a loan with them. She fell behind on her payments earlier this year due to an accident which left her temporarily unable to work. Cash Call started calling me about 2 month ago, first trying to inquire about my sisters phone number. Since then they are calling me up to eight times a day and have begun threatening me. In one phone call the person tried to say that I was my sister. In another phone call I was told that I had better cooperate or that they will make it hard on me. They have even tried to send me loan documents to sign on her behalf... they are asking me to pay for this loan. These people are nuts.

    I need some sort of relief, I have asked them not to call but they disguise their number and call on several different phone number or marked the line as unknown. They have been harassing me on my cell. I contacted my state and was told that there is not much that they can do but I have to fill out a complaint form and it may take up to several weeks for a response. Not only are they calling me but they are also calling my elderly mother and have threatened her as well. They openly discuss the amount of this loan with any and everyone that they have contacted. I was under the impression that if you are not the client they cannot discuss your personal business. I guess that this is not so with this company.

    Tonight I got another round of phone calls. The representative tried to tell me that I promised to help them by sending money for an account that I do not have with them. I told her Not to call me again. I hung up and seconds later she called me again, wanting me to give her information on their client that they already had. I told her that I had confirmed that information for them several months ago and not to call me again. She then threatened me and said that this is the reason why my PEOPLE have a problem. Now she went there with an ethnic assumption.

    What gives these so called companies to harass a person that a) is not a client and b) not a cosigner on this loan.

    I await a reply with any assistance that you can offer.

    Thanking you in advance.


    Maria Gonzalez

  • Ma
      5th of Nov, 2007
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    When Cash Call, or any one else, deducts more money out of your checking account than they are authorized to, you must file a complaint with your bank, and the bank will have the money back for you within 48 hours. It's just a simple piece of paper you have to fill out, and the bank does the rest. I notified Cash Call in writing that they are no longer authorized to take money from my account. They did it three more times, and each time my bank reversed it. Cash call is well known for breaking the law.

  • Ma
      5th of Nov, 2007
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    Please go online and file a complaint against Cash Call with the Better Business Bureau of Anaheim ,California. The more complaints they get, the lower their rating will be. Since I filed a complaint with the BBB last week, Cash Call has stopped harassing me, my sister, my ex-husband, my mother, and my ex-mother in law.

  • Th
      9th of Nov, 2007
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    I am trying to pay them off the full amount. But they refuse to take my check giving me one reason after another why they can't accept it. They are telling me the only way they can take it is by sending it through Moneygram which would cost me a few hundred more dollars that I can't afford.

  • Is
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    this company just took $69.90 from debit card w/o permission.I need my money returned as soon as possble!!!

  • He
      3rd of Jul, 2009
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    I looked for different companys for a personal small loan of $ 2500.
    I just lost my mother and needed money to pay for funeral services and I send all my prove of documents of what I needed to pay and I went online to see if I could get a personal loan and I was approved . I was relieved and I paid all my payments on time for 3 years not one missed. But as I got closer to paying them off They got aggressive with phone calls day and night, weekends and at my work #, w-mails, shame on all of you at Cash Call Inc also The president who run Cash Call Mr. Paul Reddam. I have pay you over the amount and you guys still are trying to collect on this paid loan.

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