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Hi...I want to make a complaint against cash generator branch in Glasgow. Their address is : 222 main street, rutherglen, g73 2hp.

I took 150 pounds LOAN against my recently purchased hp laptop. I took the LOAN on 15 th July 2017. I was supposed to pay 202.50 before or on 12th Aug 2017 to get my laptop back under buy back scheme.

I got paid on 28th July 2017 from my employer and went to buy it back. I paid the money 202.50 to the girl standing at the desk, her name is Jennifer. She gladly accepted the money and gave me the receipt and told me to wait so that she can bring my laptop. I waited there for about an hour and when no body turned up with laptop, I ask them what's wrong. She explained that the girl who gave me the LOAN at the first place has put my item where they are unable to locate but it is somewhere in the building. I said ok, I will go and come back in an hour. I went around 12 the same day. They said me the same thing and inststed that they r very busy and I should come back later. I said ok, I went around 4 pm that day and still there were no signs of my item. I started to get angry as by that point. I have paid them 202.50 which is 52.50 extra of the original LOAN value which I used for 13 days and after paying, I have the right to ask for my item. So I ask until you can't locate my item, please give me the money back. They were reluctant at start but finally gave me my 202.50 and ask me to come next day. I went this morning 29th July 2017 and this girl Jennifer said she is still looking for my item and advised me to come back around 2. I went again around 2 ...again the same story and now they are telling me to come on Monday and when I ask, Monday surely I will get my item back and in her words her reply was : I will try.

Clearly they don't give a [censor]. I want to know what can I do, even if I paid them the full amount and still cant get my laptop which is worth nearly 500 pounds. I also have a suspicion that some of the colleagues they might take customer items at home and use them as the girl who initially gave me the LOAN, I didn't see her in these two days and this staff keeps on mentioning that only she knows where it is.

I am so much stressed. Please advise me what to do.

Jul 29, 2017
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  • Qi
      Dec 05, 2017

    same here, she took at least 45 mins to find my guitar in flight case. and they close at 5pm everyday not 5.30pm.

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