Cars Protection Plus, Inc. / Extended warranty

Robert or Ross McCall, you are full of crap and to make 2 comments in row claiming to be 2 different people but yet having the same AWEFUL SPELLING in each one tells me your either a representative for the company or you got a kickback for filing a good comment. Just so you know I have been either an F&I Manager or F&I Director for over 13 years and all over the North East United States and NEVER have I ever seen such VAGUE WORDING when it comes to coverage. If you compare the CARS PROTECTION BROCHURE to a REAL REPUTIBLE EXTENDED SERVICE CONTRACT Brochure you will see it says either EXCLUSIONARY "bumper to bumper" coverage and that will list only the parts the AREN'T COVERED or a step down from EXCLUSIONARY COVERAGE, let's call it 5 Star Coverage for example and that 5 Star Coverage will list EVERY COMPONENT COVERED Under each separate main component, take for example it will say ENGINE and under that every part that is in the engine which is covered will be listed piece by piece ( IT WON'T SAY "INTERNAL LUBRICATED PARTS OF ENGINE" like CARS PROTECTION PLUS SAYS) that is WAY TO VAGUE AND DOESN'T TELL YOU WHAT THAT COVERS SO IT MAKES IT VERY EASY FOR CARS PROTECTION PLUS TO DENY A CLAIM. This warranty company is a scam in my eyes and VERY VERY SHADY SO PLEASE PEOPLE STAY AWAY FROM THIS WARRANTY COMPANY THEY WILL NOT BE AROUND MUCH LONGER BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT WILL FINE THEM HEAVILY AND SHUT THEM DOWN. If you have a complaint complain not only to the BBB but COMPLAIN TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL and that will stop them from ripping people off. If anyone has any questions for me I will be happy to help anyone so feel free to contact me. Hope everything works out for you all and make sure next time you research the company the warranty is through and make sure that if your not buying EXCLUSIONARY COVERAGE make sure the parts that are covered are listed INDIVIDUALLY AND SPECIFIC not vague like CARS PROTECTION PLUS DOES. Also most companies have more than one brochure when it comes to the different types of coverages because those warranties only cover LISTED COMPONENTS. Even CARS PROTECTION PLUS' so called "exclusionary warranty" ISN'T EXCLUSIONARY because instead of making a check mark across from a very VAGUE DESCRIPTION OF THE COMPONENT COVERED IT SHOULD SIMPLY SAY "exclusionary coverage" and list only the wear and tear items NOT COVERED because that list will BE MUCH SHORTER THAN THE LIST that list what is covered. So don't get scammed by these guys!!!

Mar 16, 2016

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