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Same story as others, Chase sold our servicing on our Mortgage Loan to Carrington. I am just as upset with Chase for doing this to their loyal customers knowing full well the reputation of Carrington. I am retired from Chase and have been with the Mortgage Industry for 30+ years. I have never seen incompetence like this. Right after my serviceing was transferred, I received a letter asking for my Hazard Insurance. When I called and asked about this, they said, "no we have your Hazard Insurance, we need the Master Policy for your Association". I asked them why they referred to the Master Policy as Hazard Insurance? They had no reason, they replied "sorry about that". This went on three times even after I connected them directly with our Homeowners Management Company.
It gets worst, I did not get payment coupons to present with my payment. What I did get was 8 pages of Loss Mitigations Options. Are these people crazy? I have NEVER even had a late payment and they are sending me foreclosure papers!
The last straw came when I received my year end statement for my Escrow Account. O my gosh, my payment had been reduced. Upon further examination of their figures I found they eliminated my Hazard Insurance with State farm and they were sending me a refund. All they do is blame computer error and say "sorry about that". We all know the computer is going to give you what you put in. I asked why Carrington does not idenify personnel by entering employee key number. No one is held culpable.

Jan 9, 2017
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      13th of Apr, 2017

    What are doing in this matter? I ask because I too am having difficulty with them. I am wanting to fight back but I don't know how. There are so many people like this it is ridiculous.

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