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Carrington College / School

1 Sacramento, CA, United States Review updated:

So I had posted a previous complaint on here earlier which we then had a meeting and they had decided to allow to audit a few more courses however when I came back after posting that complaint I just had more and more problems the teachers were not very helpful at all some of them even harassed me on many occasions. Some of the teachers and staff there are very unprofessional. One of the teachers would corner me when no one was around and say very horrible things to me. There were even a few occasions where she went as far as to make me cry. I told the director about these harassment issues and I was just told not to talk to that teacher any more and to ignore it.I would ask on a daily basis how I was doing and they would tell me that I was doing fine and then there was a graduation checklist in which I was supposed to complete but they would only allow me to work on certain things. I still continued to keep my 4.0 however two weeks before I was suppopsed to graduate I had a meeting with the director and I was told that I would not be graduating but that I could finish out my last two weeks of audit if I chose and that I could take my final exams. When I asked the director why they didn't drop me from the program sooner if I wasn't graduating and why I got a 4.0 all the way through as well as honors in the administrative part of the program if I wasn't graduating ?and she told me well none of that matters now let's not focus on that lets focus on whats happening now and there's obviously a glitch in the grading system and it's really a matter of the teachers being to soft hearted then to give you that grades that you deserve. Well isn't it the teachers job to give me the grades that I deserve and if I'm not doing something correctly then to fail me and not send me all the way through the program? So I stayed and completed the program I took all of my finals and I passed my Medical Assisting Program Final with an 85 % and I passed my Pharmacology Final with a 72% however I was not allowed to graduate and I was allowed to stay for the entire program which I believe should have been there job to drop me if I wasn't doing things correctly and to grade me accordingly which did not happen. So in my last meeting with my program director she told me that she would write me a letter of recomendation and have it ready for me on the last day for all of my hard work so that I wouldn't go off into the sunset with nothing. However on the last day when I went to the front desk to ask for that letter they had no idea what I was talking about. I called and called and called and tried to get a hold of the director to ask about that as well as a few other questions I had about my situation and me being dropped from the program. I left messages after messages with no return calls. I feel that because I still have loans out with that school I should still be a priority. They don't care about the student's they only care about the money. I have no desire to ever go back to that school however I don't feel that they should be able to get away with what they have done to me. Now I'm in debt for all these loans and I don't feel that what happened to me is right and that I should have to pay back everything after what happened. I feel that it was all a scam and a year of my life and hard work and money is just wasteed and down the drain. How can they get away with doing this to people.

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  • Sm
      17th of May, 2011
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    Which by the way I think that I deserve alot more than just a letter of reccomendation after all of my hard work but I feel that as long as students still have loans out at that school they should be a priority whether still enrolled graduated dropped or whatever may be the case and deserve a call back and questions answered. I strongly believe that this was all a scam.

  • Fe
      22nd of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    hey smg2010. Why have you not sued them? If you said that you left messages that is some kind of proof. Do you have any recordings of them, emails, letters, phone statements? Hearing about your situation makes me have second thoughts about taking online courses. It is burst my bubble when I was reading your complaint. They should not get away with this! Don't feel discouraged. It was a bad experience you had. But, you learn from your mistakes. I hope that your luck has gotten better.

  • Ki
      5th of Mar, 2014
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    same thing happen to me, I end up in debt for $16K for nothing, , I even made an appeal, because I already finish the first term of the program, I had a disagreement and issues with one of the teacher that puts me down and made my way so difficult. the program director sided with that teacher, and I end up as a looser after the board's decision to drop me because they thought I am not capable of pursuing the program and will not do good on the board exam. with one class missed by .01 pt. if I could find a good lawyer that will allow me to pay after the pursuit,
    I will go after them, but thinking that I will pay more if I will pursue the complaint, I might end up to more debt and will have more financial burden at the end.

  • Ta
      13th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    In 2010 I take course for "Medical Billing" needless to say this was New Program when I taken it. Didnt know that till after enrolled, anyways Graduated with 4.0 etc. Well this type of field REQUIRES at least 5yrs experience the least I saw was 1yr in Kansas(I was an CA during this time)! ^ Years later Ave never been able to utilize this CERTIFICATE due to NO Experience now have a 16000 debt for a PIECE OF PAPER!!! Now they are known as Harrington College!!! I would never do a Trade School again!!

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