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Carpet Mill Outlet / Carpet Misquote and Unauthorized Credit Card Charge Post Cancellation

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I have a complicated situation. I came to an agreement with Carpet Mill company to install a carpet for my rental property. This is a 2 bedroom property. The first room had carpet in nearly pristine condition. The second room had great carpet as well. However, since the color would be different, I wanted a bid to do everything but that room, and then a bid for the entire place. If the cost to do the entire place was not that much more, I felt I might go ahead and replace the whole place, just so that there would be matching carpet.

The bid I was quoted was $1145.45 without the room, and $1377.83 with the room. Since it was only 200 dollars more, I decided to go ahead and replace the entire carpet so that everything would match. I told him to go ahead and replace the entire carpet.

SO, in our verbal agreement over the phone, we agreed to do install new carpet to the whole place for $1377.83. Several years before I had had carpet installed for $1250 for the entire place, so I thought that the bid was in line with that.

So great, we have an agreement, I can afford it, and it will be installed soon, right? NOT SO FAST!

Fast forward to my current nightmare.

During the middle of the installation, I was called by the person who had made the original bid saying that he had gotten the numbers wrong, they were short on carpet, and that to do the extra room it would be an extra $1100.00. I said, “what? no, I don’t want to do it”. He said, OK I will cancel the order. I went to my condo and saw that they had ALREADY REMOVED THE CARPET, including the carpet that I could have kept had I known it was going to be so much. I told the person, Scott from Carpet Mill Outlet, who had quoted me the bid that the installers had already done some work, laying some pad, he said that was OK, DON‘T WORRY ABOUT IT. He said he was really sorry about the situation.

Later that day, he called and said that his “manager has done a really great job” and that they could do the entire thing for $1900 “at cost”. I said I was getting another bid and would let him know. I called later in the day, and left a message saying, no, I didn’t want to do it. I had already canceled the order and never agreed to another one.

At this point, everything had gone wrong. I had lost the carpet that I might otherwise have kept, it was GONE and I now had a condo with partially laid padding. Scott had informed me that they would eat the costs, so I was willing to move on even though I was irritated that through their mistake and false bid, my carpet was now gone.

Two days later I was checking my bank account and saw that they had charged me 688.00. I was like, great. Now what?” I called Scott and he said that they had charged the account as a down payment on the install. I said, “what? I already cancelled this!” He said that he had not been in the office and that they had “not given him the message“, even though I had personally cancelled my order with him. I said, well I want to cancel it, and he said, fine, no problem, he would have the charges taken off. We called to make sure, and that is when the Regional Manager became involved. You would think that the regional manager hearing what was going on would be a good thing. Not so much in this case.

The regional manager now says that she wants money for the pad that was installed. I UNDERSTAND THIS. I never wanted to pursue a mistake into something that benefited me financially. What I don’t tlike is that they took that carpet out that I would have kept if they had told me that it was going to be $2600.00, which is WAY over what I found elsewhere. If I had known that, I would have had other bids done for the carpet, including from the original company where I had had the carpet installed. As it turned out, I went with them, Colorado Floorworks, and they installed the ENTIRE carpet for $1340.00. They had carpet in stock which matched what I had in my place originally, so I would have been able to save a significant amount of money had Carpet Mill not begun a job under a false bid, then switched it in mid work.

Now she is telling me that they are going to refund only $250 or so dollars out of the $688 that they charged me, even though Scott assured me that nothing would be charged and even though she has not presented me with any kind of bill. I believe that when the screwup happened, they decided to charge my account even though they had NO authorization to do so. The store manager, Donna, has also said that if it is not paid that they will put a lien on my property. All of this without even a bill, and through their screwup. What I want to know is what about my carpet, the one that was in my place that they just came and hauled off?

To top it off, they have all been rude, except for Scott who has been contrite and had admitted that he screwed up.

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      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    I just wanted to follow up and say that Donna resolved this to my satisfaction.

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