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HRC is now being bought out so I started with HRC and now they are Carolina Hormone and Medical Center. I started March 29, 2012 and from the beginning They have just made me sicker. I am a 54 year old female who had a hysterectomy at a young age and started having a lot of problems three years ago because of no hormones. THey use the pellet method and the first insertion they gave me way too much testosterone ( my face had so much acne it was awful and caused terrible anxiety and depression and no sex drive)and not enough estrogen. I was sick for three months then when I went back for my next insertion I asked the doctor not to give me any testosterone and she insisted I would not feel good if I didn't get it. She lowered the dose a little and upped the estrogen. I got even sicker this time. My testosterone levels went sky high (almost 200) and by the time I got there for my third insertion it was still high and finally the doctor agreed on no testosterone but to up the estrogen. I started doing a little better around the end of October and my face was finally clearing up by these pellets peak and then when I started on the downside of the pellet I stared getting sick. My breasts were sore, nausea and really bad chin acne. When they checked my labs my progesterone showed good but the estrogen shows low. Then they give you a booster shot of estrogen and that makes you really sick. Finally this past week my husband said you have to get somewhere. I literally feel like I a dieing and I have no energy and just feel sick, depressed, and I have terrible anxiety. Everytime you get blood work the nurse tells you one thing about your blood work and then when I would go in for the insertion the doctor would tell me something different. . If you have problems you don't talk to the doctor. You talk to a nurse. When I told the nurse that my breasts were wore she said it was probably anxiety causing it and I should just give some primrose oil and put on them.We called the Compound pharmacist who does the creams and he said he has gotten several people from HRC/ Carolina Hormone. He said wore breasts is caused from an inbalance of the hormones and cream would not help them because it is from the inside of the breast, not the outside. Isaw a different doctor on Monday and got the prescription and the Compound Pharmacist said he can get my hormones in balance within a month. Beware of these pellets because once they insert them in you there is nothing you can do to lower the dose and because they go up and peak then start coming down you are not getting a steady dose. I will give them credit because they did let me out of my yearly contract. But it cost almost 3000.00 for the year and the only thing I am getting back out of it is a little over 600.00. I feel they own me more because I had to make several trips there for blood work and estrogen booster shots and we live over 70 miles from them and also I was sick the entire time. I have a friend who started on them right after me and she is getting no results either. She is also stopping. Beware HRC is being sold now in individuals but still using their same products.

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  • Gd
      Dec 14, 2015

    I had 3 insertions a couple of years ago. During these months of treatment I cut my medication (ambien, paxil) in half. I was able to relax during the night without my mind (irritable thoughts) and legs (constant tingling) keeping me up. With the insertions and B12 injections I had much much more energy and I was able to go jogging often after work. Before I was emotionally drained from all the irritation at work and physically drained from my trips in and out of the office all day. I only stopped because of the cost. I'm not saying it's not worth the cost but you can't get blood from a turnip. I was bringing my finance over from the Philippines. My expenses got too much during the long waiting period and I had to cut my budget. Now, I am married and I come over tired and ready for bed. I'm back up to the prior dosages on my medication. I entered info on their website a few minutes ago. I plan on using my Christmas bonus to cover an insertion and b12 if they feel it necassery. I want the quality of life I experienced while a client with CH.

    Btw I'm 42 6'1" 181

    G Durden

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