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October 25, 2012. It was around 9am. I walked into a Carls Jr and the floor was slippery. I fell on my knee and caught myself with my hand. The management at Carls made no attempt to call an ambulance. I was asked by a worker if I was alright and I told her, “ do I look alright I can’t even move my arm.” The worker then went about her business behind the counter.
I did not notice the wet sign cone until after I fell.
8491 Highway 6 N, Houston, TX 77095
The worker never bothered to take down my information or attempted to ask me if I needed an ambulance.
I had to ask a customer to call an ambulance for me. I was not sure how detailed the injuries were so I wanted to go to the hospital and have it checked out.
When the paramedic entered the Carls Jr. she almost slipped on the floor. The ambulance arrived and put me on a stretcher. I had several costly x-rays performed.
I was taken to North Cypress Medical Center, 21214 Northwest Freeway, Cypress Texas 77429.
The xray tech (he said his name was JoJo) kept wanting me straighten my arm out for an x-ray. It was painful and I was concerned that he was causing more damage with these maneuvers.
First I was told that the radial bone was broken. Then I was told that there was only a chip in my elbow. So the different information has me a bit concerned.
The x-rays showed a chip in my elbow. It feels like it is more than a chip in the elbow because I can’t lift anything, I can’t even pull my hair up without being in pain. I have no insurance. I have animals to care for. I have no car to get around. The arm injury has further burdened me and restricted my movements. Last night (October 25, 2012) I woke up several times to the pain. I have gotten the prescriptions filled.
I have been rejected by 4 lawyers because of the wet sign. I am not trying to get rich. I am trying to get these medical bills paid for. I cannot afford a doctor.
I do have a copy of my exrays.

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      Nov 29, 2012

    Tasha you are a very ugly person. She not be allowed to post if you are going to be crude and insulting towards someone you don't even know.

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  •   Nov 29, 2012

    " Last night (October 25, 2012) I woke up several times to the pain" posted this on November 29, 2012.

    "When the paramedic entered the Carls Jr. she almost slipped on the floor"...for the paramedic to nearly slip on the floor as well, they must have arrived in less than a minute after they were called - or the staff mopped the floor again after you fell.

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      Nov 29, 2012

    Skor - no they did not remop the floor after I fell.

    melissa253-- I was shocked that the worker did not even get my information. I believe that they are supposed to report accidents that occur on the property. She did not even ask if I needed an ambulance.

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      Nov 29, 2012

    The complainants arm can't be too bad, about four years ago I had a broken arm and couldn't get on the computer for some time. I fell in my own living room and landed flat on my face. I had a few friends tell me I should sue the management, but it wasn't their fault I got my own feet tangled up. I have been a legal secretary and several attorneys have told me it is really hard to prove slip and fall accidents. This is due in part because a few years ago people would do the slip and fall bit, especially if there was a wet floor sign, and try to sue in order to get rich quick. There used to be a lot on the news about these cases. People just have to learn to be more careful.

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      Nov 29, 2012

    Unfortunately we are at a world where parents are pushing children off ladders and then claiming they fell off and threatening to sue, or asking their children to run in soap and oil spills hoping they injure themselves so they can make money off their children's injuries.

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      Nov 30, 2012

    I am so tired of people being careless and then expecting other people to pay for it.
    I have been stupid. I have not paid attention and have fell and hurt myself. I am embarrassed to say more than once. One time when I fell I sprained my ankle so bad I could not stand up for 15 minutes, when my BF was done laughing he carried me to a seat. I was out of work two days because I couldn't walk, and in severe pain for well over three weeks.
    Guess what? I never sued. I never thought of it! It was my fault for being careless and not paying attention.
    Stop looking for someone else to pay for your mistakes. You were the one walking. You were the one not paying attention to the big wet floor sign they put out. You were the one who fell, then was rude to the employee who asked how you were. It is not their fault. It is yours.

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  •   Sep 02, 2013

    Sounds like someone is trying to scam some money out of Carls Jr. Go and get your ambulance chasing lawyer. Good luck, and i hope you enjoy any amount of money you are awarded. I wonder how people like you can sleep at night, scamming people like that.

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