Carl's Jr. Restaurantsservice

I just visited a carls jr location through the drive thru and i recieved the worst customer service. The guy on the microphone was extremely rude and slammed his window on me after taking my card without a word. I didnt get any receipt or anything. I waited there for a couple of minutes not sure if i was getting my food or not so i honked to get their attention. One of the girls who was nearby cleary said wtf is there problem and opened the window and starting yelling at me. All i asked her was am i getting my food or not because the guy didnt tell me anything. She argued that it was coming out and i told her well if the guy had told me that in the first place then obviously i wouldnt have had to get their attention. I was pretty sure that they were going to spit in my food since they were giving me attitude for no reason so i drove off. I want to make sure i get a full refund because i didnt get my food or even a receipt to make a claim. This is the worst experience ive ever had. The employees at this location needs to get some kind of customer service training because its not the customers fault if they're tired or having a bad day, no one should be treated this way. Im never getting food from carls jr again.

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