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S Apr 12, 2013 Review updated:

Terrible food!!! I am so so sooo disappointed. I am the chef for the s. D. Chargers and the s. D. Convention center. I go thru fast food maybe two times a year, but consider carl's jr the higher standard in "fast food" so stopped by. I didn't expect 5 star but what I got was an insult. I have pictures of my food and hope to be able to send them in. My "six dollar burger" jalapeno burger was a big disappointment! My actual meat of the burger was in about 6 pcs and the only thing holding it together was the cheese. I had a red onion consisting of the size of a silver dollar, a sliver of lettuce, 2 tomatoe slices, and 6 jalapenos, on a bun with a smidgeon of sauce. How and why they pieced together my meat with 6 pcs i'll never know. The advertisement of that burger made it look like a phoenix of burgers... Mine turned out to be the hindenburg. Tasteless and classless. The cooks should be fired!! I did not waste my time going back to order for me to even have been served that disgust tells me carl's lemon grove has serious problems.

Carl's Jr.
Carl's Jr.
Carl's Jr.


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      Jun 07, 2010
    Carl's Jr. - being american!
    carl's jr.
    Carson City
    United States

    I thought we lived in america? Store#100796 in carson city nevada, has mexican banners all over the rest.It looks as if you are in mexico! As a franchise I thought they had certain things they had to follow.I served in the army not be in mexico! Can this store do this? I am not letting this slide by. Dennis Carrier

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      Jun 08, 2010

    Good for you! You absolutely shouldn't let this slide by!

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      Aug 15, 2011
    Carl's Jr. - Chicken Tenders
    Carl's Jr.
    854 Harbor Blvd.
    West Sacramento
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I ordered 5 tenders only. They came in the box with that name on it. The five chicken tenders didn't even cover the bottom of the box large enough to have them stacked 2-3 deep. $4.95 -- terrible rip-off. BTW, they also have no phone number on the receipt. Terrible, terrible rip off. Do not patronize the store.

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      Aug 30, 2016

    My husband and I went to the one in Durant Ok last night and got 2 of the All Natural burgers. And they were both horrible! Couldn't even eat it all. The meat tasted half spoiled, little sliver of lettuce. Can't even describe how terrible it was. Most expensive burger in town and the worst burger in town. That explains why parking lot was empty. I will never go again.

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