Carl's Jr.consistently available menu items

My office is in the neighborhood of your North Portland location at 39th Expressway here in Oklahoma City. There are lots of fast food chains nearby, but I prefer Carl's Jr.. I have never eaten a poor a quality meal at any of your locations. However, my complaint is not with the food, service, staff, etc.. My only complaint is that on at least a dozen visits, "THIS" particular store is always out of something on the menu. Every time I place an order, I am told that they have no ice cream, regular fries, onions, or something else. I have been told on at least seven of the ten most recent visits that they had no milkshakes. I know that occasionally every retailer or fast food store runs out of different items. However the pattern with this store is ridiculous. The management, or whomever places the product orders, should also see this pattern. If a manager cannot realize that they run out of a certain product consistently each and every week, and adjust the ordering practices to ensure that it does not happen, then their is a problem. It is really frustrating to be in a situation where you enjoy everything about your experience with a fast food chain, but hesitate to visit and spend your money with them due to poor management practices. Especially when the fix is so simple and should be common sense. I do not know if the records of individual items sold in this store is available to you, but if so, I encourage you to view the sales of items such as milkshakes, and you will see that I am not over exaggerating what I have said. Basic business practice for any successful business is supply and demand. You have the demand, but this store cannot supply. There lies a problem.

Mar 31, 2016

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