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I had a Care Credit card that I could only use for medical purchases and it was great. The company sent me a new card that was also a MasterCard so that I could "use" it for other purchases. I say "use" because it would never process through. I tried it at my Dr. Office, Dentist and Vet and each time it would never go through and I would have to use another card. I also tried to "use" it for gas and other purchases and the same thing would happen. I opened a ticket and after a month of "research" I was told to have my Dr's and Vet to process it as a regular Care Credit charge rather than a Master Card. So my Vet tried to process a charge again and it would not process and when she followed instructions and called customer care the help she received was sub par, her words. So I called to go back to the regular charge and was told that was not possible. I asked to speak to a supervisor and when asked why explained that it made no sense that I couldnt change back to the plain card. At this point the rep got snippy which made me snippy and I ended up cancelling this card and I will not go back to this bank or card.

Jul 25, 2018

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