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Don't even bother with this company. First of all, you have to pay to actually apply for jobs, I started off by paying £9 for 9 credits which is extortionate. Then I see its 3 credits to apply for ONE JOB! Furthermore, if you'd like to add a note its MORE credits! You can either apply or reject a job, but aren't able to actually look through them, once you've clicked the 'X' for a job, you can't go back, so you are forced to spend your credits wisely. Then I get an email a couple of months later, saying any remaining credits I have will expire soon! What a joke! Not only did I use my credits, I wasn't able to actually get a job from this service. One guy actually accidentally kept his ad up, so I spent 3 credits applying and got a message from him saying he was sorry but the job was taken, completely wasted! Never using this service again.

Dec 01, 2016

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