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I got a job with the family was moving here from London, she was suppose too send me a check too make sure she had me as her caregiver, needless too say it was a scam. My sister got hired by a family that was moving from New York too florida, and she asked my sister if she would send extra money could they order a wheelchair and they can deliver it too her house, and she said yes, the wheel chair was $3, 000 and $350.00 was her wages for the week, my sister took the check too her bank, ask them if this check was legitimate and they said yes but they would have too hold the check for a couple day's, and her fund's would be available, so they gave her the money, the woman text my sister and gave her the bank account too deposit the money for the wheelchair, so she deposited the money, and kept her$350.00, she came home and receive a text message saying she needed $300.00 and promise too pay her back cause the company said it was more money . The woman got real natsy my sister sent her text message saying don't text me anymore, or she was calling the cop's, so the woman quit texting her.she got up the next morning and look up her account and she had $3, 000 come to find out her account was overdrawn. Some one needs too investigate this company. Care. Com.

Apr 02, 2016

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