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My daughter has been with care co. For 3 years. She received a babaysitting job through and worked for this family for 2 years. The children became teenagers and no the family no longer needed her help. She received a 2nd job. Unfortunately the women that she worked for was not very nice. She would forget to pay my daughter. She would not return home at the agreed time and would cancel my daughter 3 hours before her shift was going to start. When my daughter took the job she had an agreement with the women that she could not babysit 1 week in December because she was going out of state to visit someone. Well when my daughter reminded this women in the beginning of December about the trip, the women got mad and told my daughter that she had to come home on Tuesday that my daughter had to cut her visit early. My daughter did just that and on the Tuesday that my daughter was to return home the women cancelled her 3 hours before her flight and told her she did not need her the rest of the week except on Thursday. My daughter cancelled her flight and attempted to get another flight on Thursday and she could not. She called the women and the women said to her "good luck finding another babysitting job" This women has not paid my daughter for 2 weeks. My daughter gets an email from stated that my daughter no longer could use their services. When she inquired about what happened they said they received a complaint and they don't investigate. How unfair. My daughter did not do anything wrong. She has excellent reference from 1st family. This women was abusive and took advantage of my daughter's good nature.

Dec 18, 2016
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      Dec 18, 2016 does not Care about peolpe or kids. could care less about anything other than making money off the public in unethical and underhanded ways of hiding behind fine print and policy sections. is the most dishonerable internet platform in modern history with more complaints, negative reviews, and unsatified customers than any other business in America. We can all say we are fed up with Care.coms boilerplate lipservice and mindless explanatiions with emty apologies. This business model is run by modern day criminals with CEO titles ripping off hard working, overtired parents and caregivers one buck at a time. The entire business is run with a decptive approach to modern day marketing. Many kids have died because of this fraudulent business this is why they are quick to pull the plug for any reason and do not care who did what or why...cover our ### and rope in the next victim is Cared.coms policy. is a shameful business with greed as its main incentive.

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      Jan 14, 2017

    I paid $78 for a 3 month membership. During the following months I garnered many applicants for the nanny position which I posted on their website. My membership expired briefly (4-5 days) while I was in contact with several applicants for the job. I reinstated my membership for one month and was contacting applicants when my account was abruptly closed, less than 24 hours afterward. I paid for all those applicants which I was fielding for the job. The response I initially received had a list of reasons for which I would be removed from the website. None of them applied to me. They also told me they didn't need a reason to close my account either. I paid for the contact information of the many applicants I had. I'm a single parent working two jobs. It's unacceptable to close my account and take all those contacts with them and not provide a reason why.

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