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I had called a taxi at 4;10 am on tues the 23 2008 to take me from 896 beauchamp tp caldwell ave. i had asked how much it would cost to go to point A back to point B and i was told around 40 to 45 dollars return trip so i said ty and a cab driver showed up. when i explain all this to the driver he was rude and ignorant towards me.he said he would take me to caldwell for 40 but not return back and he through me out of the car and slammed my hand with the door.the reason i had asked the Ottawa Capital taxi about this is because my son has asma and i had to go get his pumps from the babysitters i had borrowed this money to go get them and when all of this happend my son had to go to the hospital because of this driver. now im complaing on this driver plus the company because they shoud have honard what was agree upon. this all could have been avoided if the driver would have done what i politely asked him to do but now i have a very sick boy because of it.the taxi driver took my money and droped me off on jeanne darc now i dont have the 40 and im asking for any help on this matter and if possible to get the 40 back from the driver. i dont expect anything in return but please could anyone help me on getting back the money or something pleas. ty your truly Jennifer Oswin i can be reached at [protected]
the driver never gave me my money back thati borrowed for this

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  • Je
      Dec 23, 2008

    its totaly outrageous how can a driver be this way.

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  • Ro
      Jan 05, 2014

    This Fall 2013, I was driving east on Beechwood. A capital taxi was right on my bumper so after about 1k of this, I brake checked him.
    The driver then pulled out into the oncoming lane ( not a passing lane) laying on the horn and waving his middle finger at me.. He then cut me off and slammed on the brakes... My 4 year old son became frantic in the back seat. I took pictures of the car with the # and license plate. Wrote a letter to Capital and sent pics to them.. Never heard back.
    This ### was out of control and to this day when my son sees a Calital Taxi he mentions it.. Capital Taxi should be ashamed of themselves..

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